I’m a wimp

  I was going to go for a run tonight.  I was all set.  I didn’t go yesterday and knew the weather wouldn’t be perfect today but then this hit:
Yeah, I totally wussed out

You can’t really see the fierce flurries but it was coming down pretty good.  And right before that it was all sleety and nasty.  Even my weather app on my phone told me it was a bad day to run.  I mean, you shouldn’t argue with phone apps – they are linked to satellites and satellites know EVERYTHING.  It’s a fact.  It wouldn’t be terribly problematic, my completely wimping out, however, I have a fun run on Thursday night.  It’s called Run Through the Lights and it’s a run through downtown Kalamazoo.  The entry fee is only canned food and it isn’t timed.  I’m really looking forward to it!  A few friends and I will be running and then we will take are smelly selves down to Shakespeare’s.  I’m sure the  other pub patrons will be THRILLED!  The best part, aside from donating to a great cause, exercising and hanging out with friends is the awesome popcorn.  Didn’t you know?  Popcorn is the refueling food of champions.

So join in if you want!  I’ll be the one in some festive holiday socks!

OH!  P.S. Take a jaunt on over to SkinnyRunner and check out her BIC Band giveaway!  If you win, I only require 20% :)

3 thoughts on “I’m a wimp

  1. Love this!!!! And you are totally able to use your wimp card on days like today!!! Can’t wait for the Run Through the Lights and endless amounts of popcorn at Shakes after!!! See you tomorrow!

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