Super Excited!



In June 2012 I will be running from Madison, WI to Chicago with 12 other women.  I have never met any of the women in real life.  Kim from Life in the Twin Lane put out a call for two more team members on her blog a week ago.  I e-mailed her immediately, although I was pretty sure I didn’t have a chance.  I mean, who wouldn’t want to run 200 miles over 3 days?  I knew I would have to beat prospective runners off with a stick!  BUT I got an e-mail back that night (thanks for the speedy reply Kim!) and I’m #11!  Wahoooo!

We’ve already started planning.  Facebook really comes in handy during these types of situations.  There is one other Michigander on the team but the rest of the folk are from neighboring states.  I’m not sure if we are announcing our team name just yet but it does have to do with the following:

Pirates!  So right up my alley!  Not the really mean modern-day pirates but the fun, rum-loving pirates from Disney – those really existed right?  And it’s fate.  My initials are ARG (please feel free to steal my identity, you can have all of my student loans) and that is totally pirate speak.  I am crazy excited for our costumes, getting to know new people and a chance to do this relay.  Signing up also makes me feel sort of brave, which I know is lame.  But I’m embracing it.

Please feel free to come to Madison, WI or Chicago and cheer us on!  Since we will be running through the night I’m sure we will be a little “rum-my” (get it? Pirates? *crickets*).  If that is too far, you are more than welcome to come cheer for me when I run this.


OR you can run it with me!!

Alright, I’m out.  I had a decent run this evening – a steady 4 miles.  I bought my holiday knee highs today, complete with “fake fur” (good thing the label cleared that up, I was sure some baby seals had been clubbed for my socks).  I’ll post some pics later.

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