The Happiest (?) time of the year

I’ve been struggling to get into the holiday spirit.  Being single and newly dumped during the holiday season really isn’t all that fun – at least for me.  It means I have to suffer through commercials like these

Eww, barf, vomit

And commercials like these

Eww, double barf and projectile vomit.  Seriously, have you noticed how the woman barely speaks in this commercial?  It bothers me.  It screams, “woman in distress from scawey storm but shouldn’t talk”.  More vomit.

So, I saw this super cool idea on Pinterest

I am not sure where it originates but I found it on the blog (through Pinterest), Little Pumpkin Grace.  This blog is ADORABLE!  Anyway, I have decided to do my own Christmas Bucket List to help jump start my lackluster spirit.  And rather than putting so many things on it that it becomes a gnarly to-do list that I loathe, I’m going to turn it into an Advent calendar.  I am definitely not organized enough to know which day I will do what so I will have 24 items on there and that will be my countdown.  I actually kind of like the idea – dare I say sort of, maybe, quite possibly getting excited to embrace the holidays?!  (Btw, I thought the Advent calendar idea was my own.  And it was.  But it’s not a new idea, I found others who had it first when I was looking through pinterest.  Bummer.  I thought I was clever!)

Here is my list:

1.  *Go Ice Skating (I’ve never been)  2.  *Bell Ring for the Salvation Army (never done this either – I’m uncoordinated and a bad person, go figure)  3.  *Decorate Christmas cookies with royal icing  4.  Run at least one holiday race besides a turkey trot  5.  *Make a holiday garland  6.  *Make a holiday chandelier  7.  Make a sentimental gift for each family member  8.  Take lots of pictures while home visiting  9.  Make a snow angel  10.  Make homemade hot chocolate  11.  Go to an Ugly Sweater Party (!)  12.  Participate in a White Elephant Gift Exchange  13.  Make a couple holiday gifties  14.  Let someone else have the closer parking space  15.  Buy a toy for Toys for Tots  16.  Watch a holiday themed movie with my Dad (yes, the first Die Hard counts!)  17.  Switch over to winter bedding!!  18.  Attend Midnight Mass with my family  19.  Take a train into Chicago – look at the lights and catch a flight home!  20.  *Learn to knit  21.  Send Christmas cards (before Christmas!)  22.  Fill stockings  23.  *See the Nutcracker  24.  *Celebrate St. Nicholas Day with my student staff

*denotes things I have never done

I’m pretty happy with this list.  My goal is to document as I go!

stockings for me and my cat... of course after I hung them I realized it spells "as". I need to switch them

13 thoughts on “The Happiest (?) time of the year

  1. Love the stockings and the list idea! Plus, no one likes those commercials, even coupley people. Especially the storm one. I’m scared of thunder, give me a necklace, now I feel better. Really?

  2. Seriously – those Kay commercials make me want to punch myself in the face. I yell at the TV when they come on… my husband thinks it’s funny. Ugh. Hate them.

  3. Hey to a fellow Amy! Absolutely agreed about those damn Kay commercials. They either make me want to stab somebody or cry. I may steal some ideas from the Christmas bucket list — maybe it’ll help me get into the holiday spirit.

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