#4! Run Through the Lights

Happy 2nd day of December!

Yesterday was one of those days at work that was just too overwhelming.  By 5 pm, I wanted to plant my bum on my couch and try to forget about the day.  BUT I had my nifty Christmas socks, had said I’d run the race with my friend Emily and the Christmas Bucket List was taunting me.  So I stuffed a Snickers Marathon Energy bar in my tummy and changed.

These are my superhero tights. And yes, I like giving thumbs up

The un-timed fun run was PACKED!  There were approximately 700 runners out there.  The run has been happening for a few years and this was the biggest yet.  The fact that it used to be smaller meant streets were not blocked off and Public Safety wasn’t involved.  The runners were ALL over the place.  I’m pretty sure drivers were a bit irked.  Although we did pause for the ambulance to go through – I was proud of us!  The upside was that over 800 pounds of food was donated to a local shelter.  And it was a lot of fun.

The Grinch and Cindy Lou Who made an appearance - aren't they amazing!
These cute girls passed out candy canes - they also have the best red tutus

The race was 2.9 miles and I did it in 29 mins and some change.  This wasn’t bad considering at two bottlenecked corners I was practically walking.  OH!  I also saw my running partner from my first half marathon training!  Rob (and my other running partner Debbie) were literally the only reason I finished training and crossed the finish line.

Ok, so I have no idea what is up with my eyes here - CRAZY runner girl on the loose!

Afterward I headed down to a local watering hole.  I had an amazing time!  One of my besties, Emily (pictured below) was there and she brought friends that I had never met.  Minor tangent, have you noticed how much harder it gets to make new friends as you get older?  Boo!  Well, last night I met some new folks and had a blast.  All the earlier shenanigans of the work day were forgotten.

Mom, don't worry - I'm ALWAYS good :)

When I got home a person I hadn’t talked to in a long time started texting.  It was a great convo and good to reconnect.  The thing is, I have a tendency to hermit myself away in my apartment when I get stressed.  If I had stayed in, all safe and secure, I would have missed out on all the good times that happened last night and all the now possible good times in the future.  It was a nice reminder for me that I need to stop being a chicken, take a risk and go for what I want out of life.

Check out the giant Santa in downtown Kalamazoo. It's pretty cool, albeit a tad creepy

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