#’s 14 & 17… and some interesting gifties

Yesterday, I tried to NOT take the closest parking space.  I really don’t have photo evidence for this one, so I guess you’ll just have to trust me on it.  I’ve decided that while I used it as part of my calendar, I will try to do this for the whole season.  I have two very functional legs and parking far away is a whole lot less stressful anyway.  This pic is from this morn:

Thank goodness I have a small car so I could park far away although slightly illegally

Today there was a HUGE holiday craft sale at Wings Stadium.  I do like me a good holiday bazaar.  I think it’s in my blood – my mom started a VERY successful holiday sale in my hometown, Christmas Cottage.  I like how Christmas Cottage works.  Everyone’s stuff is tagged with a number and intermingled.  Then the members/artists walk around the sale helping people.  This helps to avoid the awkward, “I just want to look at your stuff but I don’t really want to buy it” moments when the vendors are standing behind it.

Holy craft show Batman! And this is only 1 of 3 areas

The following are some of the nutty things I found but did not buy.

I don't think this pillow case would help me sleep peacefully
Haha, this made me laugh - you can't see them well but there is ribbon attached to the waste band

I know, I really missed out on those!  But I saw these and just loved them – I didn’t purchase as they were a bit $$.  People are so clever!

This is a burlap material - I REALLY liked them
You could spell anything you wanted - the letters were very creative. I have her card and will post her info

I also hit up World Market and Target and I am exhausted!  Great scott, Christmas shopping is hard work :)  I have decided that I when I get married I’ll do all the shopping as long as my future hubby will give me a shoulder massage when I get back.  By the way, I could have spent a lot more money in World Market – what an awesome store.

And finally my bucket list item for today is winter bedding!!  It is getting pretty cold here and I absolutely LOVE to fall asleep with my window open all snuggled down in the covers.  Flannel sheets definitely help with this!  Isn’t fresh bedding a true luxury?  Love it!

Yay! Warm, snuggly bedding awaits me!

I’m off to paint my toes a festive holiday color.  Don’t worry – I haven’t gone off the Christmas deep end.  The color is “coal” :)

One thought on “#’s 14 & 17… and some interesting gifties

  1. Thanks Amy for the very nice plug for Christmas Cottage!!!!

    If you’d come home early we could go shopping together!!!

    So glad you’re keeping warm and snuggly!!!

    Love you each and every day


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