A rainy run

I woke up not feeling so hot this morning.  I’m pretty sure some bongo drum playing hooligans took residence in my head and it’s made me feel pretty lethargic/yucky all day.  BUT I have 4 or 5 miles on the agenda today and I really need to run.  I’m fairly sure the headache is related to stress and running always seems to ease some of it.  I’m an internalizer, and the stress definitely takes its toll on my body – mentally, physically and emotionally.  It’s been trying to (and succeeding at times) rain all day so of course I pick the time when the radar looks most likely to cause showers.  I’m sure Gonzaga is very proud to call me an alumnus.

I'm no weather girl but it looks like rain - time to run!

Alright, to be honest, I waited a bit to do the run.  I did my dishes instead.  And they were very happy.

I swear I didn't pose this pic - I came home a few weeks ago and noticed this is how the spoon had settled!

So, this isn’t a pic from today but I love it nonetheless!  Have you ever seen the stat that says people tend to gain approximately 5 lbs between Halloween and New Year’s?  Yikes!  I have no desire to be part of this group.  While I won’t officially start marathon training until January, I would like to make sure I stay in shape.  And so far so good.  I wouldn’t mind losing a couple of pounds either but I would also be content with maintaining during this nutty eating season.

OH!  Tonight is also the “Amy learns to ice skate” disaster.  My goal is NOT to end up like this:

Finger's crossed!

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