Wahooo!  I did it!  I went ice skating!!  I have wanted to do this for YEARS!  I really don’t know why I have never done it but get this –  I DIDN’T FALL ONCE!  Who knew?!

Okay, I need to back up a bit.  I went for my rainy run.  It was that kind of heavy misting rain that ends up getting you just as wet as the giant drops.  But that part wasn’t bad; rather the fact that my Snickers Energy bar was having an epic dance party in my stomach, that was the bad part!  I still managed to do slightly over 4 miles in 43 mins and this included time walking up a hill when the dance party was at it’s peak.  When I got back I was very pleased because a) I didn’t vomit all over Dobbins street and b) I ran into this guy:

Why yes, this IS my boss! :) (and sorry that's frosting in my mouth)

After this, I had to boot-scoot to get ready.  One of my staff members organized a fundraiser for her class at the ice arena and this is how/why we were going skating.  Some of my staff came with me for moral (and physical!) support.  I was nervous!  What if I fell and someone came rolling by and sliced my fingers off?  Yeah, I don’t know why but this has been a constant vision in my mind for as long as I can remember.  Weird I am (there’s a lil’ Yoda speak for ya).

I laced these suckers up TIGHT!
 Haha, I was definitely nervous!

This is Ryan - I bet he never dreamed part of his job would be to help his boss not fall on her bum!"It's okay, Amy, you can doooo it!"
Look! I'm doing it! No hands!!!

These are my “bad to the bone” gloves – they have a skull and crossbones on them.  I know, totally makes me a BAMF.  We all had a great time – I’m so happy we went.  Here is a shot of all of us together.

Good times :)

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