Evening run and St. Nicholas

I knew I had to go for a run this evening.  This fall I have had more running-related injuries then ever before and I am trying really hard to rehab/stay consistent.  My hip keeps popping out-of-place when I run.  No, not Bella-having-a demon-child kind of popping out-of-place but enough that it has been bothering me.  (I’m fairly impressed with myself that I waited a whole week and a day before I put in a Twilight reference!)  It always pops back in – major relief, but it does hurt/irritate me.  So I have been trying to keep my mileage down and make sure I go every other day.

Oh and Twilight?  Sorry, but as a Washingtonian and Port Angelian (?) to boot, I have to promote the sucker (ha! get the pun?).  It means tourists to my small little town, people!  Anyway, at mile 2.9 my hip definitely started hurting.  I paused for a moment (un-timed) and then tried to dig deep and go back up the hill I had just run down.  It was much more fun coming down, let me tell you.  All I could think about was coming back and hanging out with Bruce.

Yep, I'm a real wildcat. This is Bruce, my foam roller

I was able to finish up 5 miles in 52:47.  I was happy I ran the extra mile but not sure how happy my hip is with me.  I definitely need to add some cross training in order to strengthen my left hip/glut.  I also took 1/2 of one of my “meth” vitamins.  These suckers are CHOCK full of caffeine.  By the end of the run, they were making me feel pretty wonky so I don’t think I’ll be taking them for a little bit.

Wow - these make my feet look HUGE!

I really did have a great time celebrating St. Nicholas day with my staff.  The night before I sent them a text:

Their minds were completely boggled

I laughed and laughed!  I also made them mini muffins, stuffed candy bags and then had friendship bracelets made for them.  My staff works very hard and this semester has been more stressful than most.  They deserved the treat.

A treat for them AND a treat for me :)

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