“Knittin’ to it!”

Okay, except knitting is HARD!  Great scott!  But let me start back from the beginning.

I went for a run tonight and it was a horrible one.  You know those times when you go out running and it is so difficult that it feels like you have never run before in your life?  I ate half of a Snicker’s Energy bar before setting out and I started feeling icky almost immediately after I started running.  I don’t think I ate enough during the day to support the “energy” of the bar.  For some reason I have completely forgotten how to dress for winter as well.  It was 35* and felt like 30* when I set out.  I wore my Adidas running tights, knee-high soccer socks, an Under Armor mock neck (sorry I don’t have a link for this), another Under Armor pullover and then my Sugio reflective jacket (I got mine 1/2 off from REI on a close-out sale so I couldn’t find the exact one I have).  Definitely too much and being too hot was making the nausea even worse.  At mile 1.19 I had to stop and walk or risk reliving my energy bar.  I started running at 1.29 and only made it until 1.32 and realized running was not in the cards today.  Here could be the reasons:

Exhibit A – I applied for a new job and had an interview.  This morning I got a call at 9:15 am and was told, “First of all, I would like to thank you…” yep – I knew at that point I didn’t get it.  Now, I should say that I wasn’t really sure the job was right for me.  Nevertheless, I wanted to be the dumper NOT the dumpee!

'nough said

Exhibit B – At 10 am, a student came in to tell me his room was flooded then he left.  We looked at for a leak all over the room and couldn’t find it.  I then had the mess cleaned up.  Nevertheless, the student got angry with me for not finding the leak and proceeded to bitch me out – which didn’t go so well for him since my patience for this kind of thing is running low already.

We BOTH needed one!

Exhibit C:  Tonight was supposed to be the big switch-a-roo of belongings between my ex and I.  It isn’t much, a few DVD’s but there are a couple of things I really need back.  So, I knew this was going to happen and have been waiting all day.  One of my co-workers/friends offered to do the switch for me but I felt like that was chickening out and wanted to do it myself.  Well, my ex never showed up… yeah, all that wasted anxiety!

Yeah, I'm really not this tough but I liked the baby :)

I was a hoping a run would make me feel better after Exhibit A & B and prep me for Exhibit C.  Umm… it didn’t.  So onto knitting.

I had to promise to call them "handsome devils"

Kevin (the one in yellow), is one of my old staff members and he volunteered to come teach us how to knit.  There were some other students and myself there.  I was definitely struggling the most.

This was in the beginning when I still had hope

For some reason, this was hard for me.  I kept redoing it over and over.  I didn’t think I would struggle as much as I did since I can usually handle some of the crafty business – but WOW.  I am determined at this point though.  I knitted did some weird knot things for over an hour with nothing to really show for it.

Knitting is going to make me need Botox

So, it’s an item off my bucket list and I can see how it could be something I might enjoy if I can get the hang of it.  It was a pretty long day.  There were some bright points though – we had a “family” dinner with my staff, I wore an outfit that made me feel skinny and even though the run was crap, I am working on my form and it is starting to feel a bit more natural.  Now, back to @#^*! knitting!


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