Sweet ‘n Sour Chicken really is a great gift!

This morning I woke up to this

SNOW! So pretty! So COLD!

It was actually beautiful and it continued to snow off and on all day.  By February I will wish it had never started snowing in the first place but right now it’s lovely.

It has only really started to get cold lately and I usually freeze in my office.  We have attempted to get the heat fixed on a number of occasions so now I can have it suana-hot or iceberg-cold.  The temperature usually depends on my mood.  However, I found these at World Market and fell in love

Why yes, I am a hand model in my spare time

These do make me feel like the newest character on Fame and the balls kinda flop around a lot.  Proving what I thought for YEARS; balls really do get in the way.  (well, I thought it was funny).  My nail polish is new – I tried searching for the OPI color, Baby It’s Coal Outside but I haven’t been able to find it anywhere.  This one is Essie Over the Top.

Sorry this post is a bit boring but I do have two fun things to share.  I am currently working on two projects on my bucket list – making a decoration and some sentimental gifts for my fam.

This is going to be cute

This is the decoration – I originally was going to make a garland but truth be told it was going to be ugly!  I know I promised to post it even if it was bad but I’m folding on that one.  I found this idea on Pinterest and they made it look super easy and neato.  I am wrapping these wooden letters (half off at Hobby Lobby) in yarn.  The “J” and “Y” are going to be green and “O” is going to be a sparkly white.  For some reason, I started with the “Y” and it’s a bit harder than I thought it would be.  Yes, I realize this is starting to become a repeating theme here!  Below will be some Christmas presents

Christmas presents in their natural states

Last night I saw a SUPER tasty recipe for Sweet ‘n Sour Chicken (baked!) and Fried Rice.  YUM.  Of course the craving for Chinese food hit but I was seriously too lazy to cook it and I didn’t feel like buying it.  I put this as a facebook status and about an hour later Chinese food showed up at my door!!

The Chinese food elves visited me!!

The heros of the hour were my assistant Ryan and one of my staff members Jake!  I had promised on fb that if I did get this bit of yumminess then I would dance a jig.  So I did.  In pure happiness!  Ryan and Jake – you guys are AMAZING!

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