Christmas done come early ’round these parts!

This will be a quickie post but my assistant Ryan gave me my Christmas present early:


I can’t even believe it.  The thing is, my office would drive most people NUTS.  But it typically works for me – my organizational style is a bit chaotic but I can pull out whatever I need from whichever pile it may be in… it’s kind of like magic.  Nevertheless, there are days when I wish it was a bit less messy and Ryan swore he would come in and work his own kind of organizational magic.  I didn’t believe him – I mean, even I didn’t want to do that!  Check out these glorious pics!

I'm a real professional!
The bookshelf doing its organizational duties in an organized way
The conversational corner - all tidied up

He also added some decorations.  They had been in my office all along but now they are up and adding to my kick-ass organized office :)

I need to be surrounded by my A's
My bro took this awesome pic with the heart in the snow. It's one of my absolute faves

And finally

"So much more room for ACTIVITIES!"

It has been a great day!  I woke up feeling better than I have in DAYS, my office looks so amazing and I have an Ugly Christmas Sweater party tonight with some of my besties.  YaY!

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