How I started running

Tonight I have to bake about 2 million cookies… of course I am still trying to decide which ones I want to make… and it’s 9 pm… I’m also losing motivation… so  here is a bit of my back story…

I never dreamed I would be a “runner”.  In fact, in high school I was on the swim team and everyday after swim practice we had to run.  I never made it very far – I would eventually have to walk.  I had already decided I was not built to be a runner. Let’s face it, at barely 5’2 I assured everyone and myself that I couldn’t do it because of my short legs.

Then in the Spring of 2007 I started working out.  I had already lost a lot of weight by this time but noticed it was getting harder and harder to sustain by eating habits alone.  I was yo-yo-ing like mad and it was frustrating me.  I ended up buying some Shape workout videos and they were amazing.  I still have them and use them for cross training.

I decided I wanted to challenge myself.  I had purchased a treadmill a few years before and had used it as a clothes dryer.  Brilliant.  So, I stepped on and ran a mile without stopping.  It took me somewhere in the neighborhood of 18 mins!  I was very happy I was able to do it but people run 5k’s faster than this!  I didn’t like the treadmill and took my running outside.  A friend also challenged me to run a 5k, the Campus Classic in October.  It was May so I had plenty of time to train for it.

Almost the start of the race - I probably almost threw up at this point in time!

I took my training seriously and it was hard!  The 5k got closer and I was getting nervous.  I still hadn’t run the full distance.  I could run 2.5 miles but I hadn’t pushed myself further than this.  Then the day of the Campus Classic arrived.  Someone asked me if they thought I could finish – my answer?  “I guess we’ll see!”

Almost time to start! I was super proud of my bib :)
Here I am! Crossing my first finish line and running the furthest distance I had ever done!
Emily helped get me through - she ran half of the race with me and encouraged me at the end!
Even though it's plastic, I LOVED that medal

After that I was hooked.  I LOVED doing races and I couldn’t believe how much it helped my stress.  I felt so proud of myself – it was a type of feeling of accomplishment I hadn’t felt since high school when I swam.  It boosted my confidence.  People always tell me that I must love running.  I am not really sure – I think I do but some days I hate it (haha).  What I do know is running has changed my life.  I am forever grateful for this.  Oh by the way, I have since cut 9 mins from my mile time :)

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