Today I wore an outfit that dare I say was trendy?!

I like me some knee-highs

I never met a knee-high I didn’t like.  Truth be told, it probably dates back to my Catholic school days when I wore knee-highs everyday with my uniform.  Even better, I got them for $2.50 at Target.  I have a few other pairs as well.  Today I wore these over brown tights with my brown boots.  I had a brownish skirt and a blue sweater.  Even the 18 year olds said I looked cute ;)

Christmas cards ready to go!

I also got my Christmas cards finished last night!  I was impressed with myself for sure.  Usually, I bring them back to WA and swear I’ll ship them out before Christmas.  It rarely happens.  I also never buy the sentimental holiday cards.  I try to find an inappropriate card to send to my friends and family.  This year, I found super specials ones for some folk on my list.  The following is an example – no, I did NOT send this one to my grandma!

Haha - I think this is a riot! Remember? I'm a 5th grader

My car has been kind of pissy lately.  I ADORE my car – a bright orange bug.  Of course, now that I am almost done paying it off, it’s decided to throw a few tantrums.  Probably just to show me who’s boss.  So, in order to keep the lovely little bug happy, I “organized” a play date.

Hopefully this will make the lil' guy happy for a while

I saw this in the store the other day.  I am not sure if my reaction was/is “WTF?” or “aww, that’s kind of cute”.  Either way, I can’t imagine eating it… or rubbing it on my toast… or pancakes… or whatever…

I feel so conflicted over the butter tree!

Tomorrow I have a running update and another bucket list item.  Get excited!

3 thoughts on “Modge-podge

  1. I love cool butter!!!!! It reminds me of Disney where they made Mickey mouse butter!!! You should have gotten some. I’m jealous – where was that?

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