Retail therapy

Obviously, I am a not a stranger to retail therapy.  I definitely purchased one or two things after being dumped.  Of course that was small potatoes compared to the amount of retail therapy I now need.  This morning didn’t help.  We met with the priest about my mom’s funeral.  Toward the end of the conversation, he said something about it being part of God’s plan – at this point I was mad.  I interrupted him and said, “Well, this was a really bad plan”.  Haha, he was a bit taken aback but I’m done pulling punches.

After this, my dear sis, Heidi decided I needed to get out and about and do something.  So we hit up downtown Port Angeles.  First stop was this super cute lil’ boutique, called Alley Cat.  At first we were going to just look around and then after we got warmed up we hit the dressing rooms.

Had potential... on the hanger
Ummm... one or two sizes too big, makes me look like a triple G bust but it was really cute

Yes, I am wearing Hello Kitty knee-highs.  They were a spur of the moment purchase this morning when my shorty socks kept ending up in the middle of my foot with my boots.  Very annoying.

I did end up with a really cute peasant top and a scarf.  Heidi found an awesome sparkly tank that was marked down (again and again – MAJOR find!).  We also found a gifty for a my brother’s girlfriend and a present for my niece.  It was a success.

Next stop was another cute shop filled with knick knacks.  This was one our fave’s

awesome, eh?

No, purchases here and then we moved onto Swain’s.  Swain’s is a general store that REALLY does have everything.  It is a Port Angeles landmark.  We found a variety of super cute jeans that were fairly cheap.  We also saw this but didn’t buy – I can’t imagine why not

They have it for adults and babies

I ended up with one pair of jeans – picture at a later time.  Heidi decided to be “good” and didn’t buy the ones that made her bum look sparkly and smokin’!  She has way more willpower than I do.  When I got back these were waiting for me

beautiful flowers from beautiful friends

They smell incredible and the lilies are beautiful.  I can’t thank them enough.  At this point, I decided I was well enough from my stomach flu to go for a run.  The run wasn’t fantastic but it was better than the one from the other day.  And it was one minute faster.

my pink laces give me the boost to get out the door

Overall, the day was emotional (nothing new there) but hanging out with my sister definitely brightened my mood.  Heidi is a really fun shopping partner.  She makes you feel fabulous in what you are trying on but will let you know when the outfit isn’t quite right (see the examples above!).  She is also an enabler, so be careful because you will be enticed to buy something!  Usually when she starts gushing about how fantastic you look, there is no way you can turn it down!  Seriously, retailers should hire her!

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