this helps

We received a package in the mail on Christmas Eve and inside was bundle of Harry & David goodies from one of my mom’s close friends.  Umm… this business is GOOD.  We have sampled many of the treats (it came in several tiers – seriously, treats should always arrive in tiers, it kinda rocks) and the below picture is crack in a bag.  It’s “moose munch”, which is caramel covered popcorn, which is then dipped in chocolate.  I know, it should be illegal.

This helps too... and it was delivered to my house, which means I didn't have to put "real" pants on to get it.

I would also say that jammie pants are a damn good coping mechanism.  I have been trading off between a polar bear print pair and these

I know, sexy purple zebra print

My brother-in-law Sean, Heidi, Kevin and I went downtown for a drink the other night hence the champaigne picture above.  I do love me a lil’ bubbly.  It was nice to get out of the house and we managed to have a good time.

Sean, my brother-in-law
dear sista, Heidi
younger bro, Kevin

Of course there is the aforementioned retail therapy.  Don’t worry, I am not running through credit cards or my bank account but I have been out and about a few times.  I did NOT buy this – just way too creepy!

Seriously, how scary is this? Can you imagine waking up and seeing this in your room?!

My last coping mechanism and probably my healthiest has been running.  I can’t say that I have been a running machine but I have been trying to get out every other day.  On Monday, I had a really good run.  My legs felt stronger than they have in days and I actually felt like I had energy.  Grief seems to sap all motivation and energy from my bones, so it was nice to know there was still a bit of running mojo in me.  I have big plans for the Spring running season (have I mentioned the relay?!) and would really like to do a marathon in honor of my mom.  This requires actual training.  I feel good about the foundation I am currently laying and my hip/bum have been feeling pretty good.  The test will be distances longer than 3 or 4 miles but I’ll cross that bridge soon.

I probably already posted this pic... but it works



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