January 1st.  I am really counting on this year to be better than the last – oh yeah, I’m COMPLETELY putting all my eggs in one basket!  When I told my sister this, she said she was already a bit nervous about the upcoming year and considering what 2011 handed us, I don’t blame her.  Nevertheless, my options are to a) hermit myself away or b) jump in with both feet.  I’m choosing option b… at least for today ;)

Last night my good friends, Larissa and Dave picked me up from the Chicago airport.  Since it was New Year’s Eve, they brought festive snacks – it was the sweetest thing EVER!  Because we were driving, they brought sparkling juice rather than champagne.  I loved it.

Super sweet friends

This little guy missed me a lot.  Simon hasn’t left my side since I got back.  Usually, he get’s cranky when I have been gone and will act aloof after an initial “welcome home” cuddle.  But this time, he seems to just be content to be near me.  I’ll take it!

Okay, so maybe he is still a bit grumpy!

I already miss these knuckleheads.  Thankfully, we will all see each other again in two weeks in New York.

I LOVE this picture of us. Definitely frame-worthy

I am very close with Heidi.  Ever since I was little, I have wanted to be just like her.  I have always stolen her clothes (or tried to!), taken her style and asked her opinion.  The funny thing is Kevin is the same way – well aside from stealing her clothes and style!  Kevin definitely looks up to Heidi.  She is a great big sister.  Kevin and I were really close growing up but haven’t been as close the last couple of years.  We both decided during the last two weeks that we wanted to remedy this.

we are so cuuuute :)

I don’t blame vampires for loving the Pacific Northwest.  I don’t mind the grey days that seem to get many people down who didn’t grow up there.  Today I am missing the 40-ish degree temps as I wait for a break in the snow/wind to head out for a run.

Team Edward - we both think this weather is rather lovely

Today I am watching a marathon on TLC about morbidly obese people.  It is really sad so perhaps I need to watch something uplifting when it’s all over; like Twilight.  I do have a slight fascination with these shows.  Like how A&E’s Hoarder’s makes me get up and clean, these shows motivate me to get out and run.  I’m fairly confident I won’t gain 800 lbs in the very near future but considering I used to be overweight these are good reminders for me when I am starting to make excuses about going out and running.

1st race finish line pic - already been posted but deserves another shout out!

Well, I have probably rambled enough.  Not sure if this post had a real point or not but I want to get in a regular routine of writing again.  I hope everyone had a nice New Year’s whether is was wild and crazy, calm and cozy or a mix.  Happy New Year!

Cheers to a great 2012!

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