A bunch of business

For some reason, today was a rough day.  However, there were a few highlights that I wanted to share.  Here you go!

1.  Literally, I watched a drug deal on the sidewalk today.  The two gentlemen (hoodlums) were not very discreet and I seriously considered bumpin’ up on the sidewalk in my orange bug and yelling “CITIZEN’S ARREST!”.  I was pretty set too.  It annoyed me they weren’t even trying to hide their transaction.  However, I only brought these guns with me and even in a bulky hoodie there is a certain t-rex quality to them

Yes, I do have bad lighting in my apt. Gun show tix anyone?!

2.  Went for a pretty decent run today.  I ran yesterday as well but the winds were a bit on the brutal side so I cut it short because my face was going numb.  Not to mention, the sidewalks were still fairly icy and because I’m brilliant I left my snow traxx at home.  Boo.  Today I managed a little over 3 miles and even though I dressed warmly, my thighs were bright red when I got back.  I didn’t fall though so we call today a success.  Some people would say what I have been doing are “junk miles.”  I haven’t been running really long distances and I have been proud just to get out the door much less hit certain paces.  But over the last 6 months I have learned that for me it’s important to build a solid foundation.  I am definitely NOT a natural athlete and I feel like I lose fitness really quickly.  Now, I am working on building decent mileage for race season :)

This was yesterday but today wasn't much better although the sun came out!

3.  I received these today from my amazing friends, Larissa and Dave Hunt, Meagan and Matt Thornburg and Kara and Aaron Hoholik.

Super bright and beautiful

4.  I am almost finished unpacking.  This is monumental for me.  I am not one of those people who get’s home and immediately unpacks.  Instead, I usually decide the suitcase should be put away about a week and half after I have gotten back.  Simon has been eyeing the suitcase with disgust and it seems to be a reminder that I left him.  I am pretty sure he is going to shank me if I leave again.  Good thing he doesn’t know I am going to New York in two weeks!

Simon giving me the shank-eye... from the suitcase

5.  Lands’ End is an incredible company.  My dad ordered me a coat for my impending birthday and it arrived today.  It is too big.  I called and the representative helped me select a new size (I really struggle with this) and walked me through how to get the new coat as soon as possible.  I also asked if we could return some shirts my mom ordered but never wore (still in the packaging) and explained the situation.  The representative was very nice and sympathetic and explained how to return the shirts.  The ONLY thing I don’t understand about Lands’ End is why this was attached to my coat.  It really worries me about our society.

We should ALL be worried

6.  Because I was struggling today, I tried to think of something that has brought me happiness lately.  What did my wandering bring me?

BEST movie evah - even for me, the jaded, used-to-be-romantic

If you haven’t seen this movie run to the nearest Red Box, Netflix it – whatever, just do it.  Heidi and I watched this last week.  Heidi had already seen it but still laughed her arse off and I did the same.  It was SOOOOO fantastic!  I’m not going to lie, gushy love stories are really not my thang at the moment.  But this one mixed love story with humor with sarcasm and some bitterness – right up my alley! :)  Watch it.  Or come to my place and we can watch it together.  And if you are strong then you can help me move this:

World's heaviest tv

It was a pretty busy day.  I ended it with a few more errands and dinner with Larissa at Noodles & Co.  I wasn’t sure I wanted to go out and about but my stomach was grumbling so loudly people across town could probably hear it.  *TANGENT* I’m not completely exaggerating here – my stomach is SO loud!  It’s kind of embarrassing!  I can’t tell you how many times people ask me if they can get me something to eat.  The weird part is, sometimes I am not even hungry – my stomach is just chatty.  I also knew it was a good idea to see a friend.  Tomorrow back to work.  Re-entry.  Wish me luck.


4 thoughts on “A bunch of business

  1. mark my words – i will NEVER get sick of a “blog shout out” =) yes, I am kind of an attention whore, I suppose…..love ya darling!

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