Hot tub+wine= brilliant

Today was my first day back to work.  I must admit – the anxiety was high.  I definitely have anxiety issues and have tried a number of natural ways to get rid of it.  Nevertheless, I am prone to stomach-aches and eat loads and loads of TUMS.  Seriously, I should have taken stock out back in the day; at least I would be paying myself.

I decided to eeeeeaaaase back into work today.  The easiest way I could think to achieve this was forgo a shower, sleep a little longer and show up in my running tights/Ragnar sweatshirt.  Yes, I am very professional.  My thought was, this way I could go for a run in the middle of the day.  (HINT: this is FORESHADOWING!)

All ready!

I didn’t make my run today.  I know, boo.  But I felt crummy all day so I’ll blame it on that rather than being lazy.

I also started my day out with some oatmeal – I know, very healthy of me.  Unfortunately, I put the lid on it to “cook” it a bit more and when I took it off a big condensation droplet landed on the “L” on my keyboard.  I soaked up the water and figured all was well.  After all, I have spilled yogurt, coffee, something I am still not sure what it is on it, so in all reality condensation should have been the least of my worries.  Nope.  Dumb keyboard shorted out on me!  The NERVE!  It was really only the letter “L” but you would be amazed how many words use said letter.  Boo, again.

so long dear weird keyboard. You will be missed. You will also be replaced but I will make sure you don't witness that

Luckily, one of my besties, Emily decided I needed a night of relaxation.  She is brilliant.  First up we had some wine:

Would you believe the bottle was originally only half full? Yeah, well, I tried ;)

While enjoying some wine, we exchanged our belated Christmas presents.  I got a whole bowl full of goodies, including an amazing bowl and some flowers.  Here is one of my favorite presents

I love a good chip clip and this one is the BEST!

My ex-boyfriend used to tell me he would never buy me flowers because they were a waste of money. They would eventually die so what was the point?  I couldn’t disagree more!  I LOVE the flowers I have received (these and the others)!


Then to continue the night of relaxation we headed to Oasis, a hot tub place here in town.  Apparently, people thought it was odd that we would go sit in a hot tub together but it was super warm, super relaxing and allowed us to talk about life while getting a steam facial.  It was great.

right before hot tubbing commenced

Now, I am back home and once again in my cozy Ragnar sweatshirt.  I love getting dressed up but deep down, I am a sweatshirt girl at heart.  Here is my new love

cozy and makes me feel badass - the perfect combo

Tomorrow is going to be another stressful day – thanks Em for helping me get prepared for it!

2 thoughts on “Hot tub+wine= brilliant

  1. Umm yeah, L is a VERY IMPORTANT letter!!!! =) I mean, you can’t utter/type/yell my name without it!?!?!?

  2. Utterly pent subject material, regards for selective information. “The bravest thing you can do when you are not brave is to profess courage and act accordingly.” by Corra Harris.

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