kittens & coffee


Yep, I know I am a little late on this bandwagon but this CRACKS ME UP!  I repeat “Charley BIT ME!” over and over.  Kevin (my bro) showed it to my dad and I while I was home and we kept laughing.  I’m not lying when I say we watched it more than once.  I love it!  Kevin and Dad figured out that if they had a penny for every time this was viewed they would be millionaires.  I know, nuts.

This morning, part of my work duties were to help make pancakes for 130 people.  First up, I worked with the syrup station.  I love syrup but absolutely HATE how sticky it is.  The sticky-ness seems to travel so we created the perfect station to make sure syrup stayed where it should.  My assistant, Ryan made these great pancakes… I supervised ;)

this is our staff

We also had some wittle-baby griddles that were kind of useless

it took about 15 mins for these two to cook!

Lately, I’ve had crazy vivid dreams.  The first dream was about adopting LOTS of cats.  For some reason, I kept saying “one more is fine” – it was ridiculous.  I have NO desire to be a crazy-cat lady!

Thankfully, I have NOT adopted 15 kittens

The next one was about how this guy was going to propose to me.  He was planning on doing it in front of a ton of people and I was supposed to meet him there.  Weeelll, in my dream, I just had to get a double iced caramel mocha first – 20 oz of course.  This is my drink of choice.  In the dream, I ended up missing the proposal because he had to go to work.  Hmmm… maybe I am the one with committment issues?!


I also had to hit up the pharmacy today.  Long story, but it ended up being the third day in a row to pick up meds.  The first day, the pharmacist was really nice to me and I lost it and started crying.  Needless to say, he hasn’t forgotten me.  However, I am beginning to wonder if he hasn’t forgotten me because each time I went in I was wearing the exact same thing!  So embarrassing!  It dawned on me today and I tried to pull my coat over my sweatshirt but it was no use. The thing is, it’s kind of a fluke – at least one time I had changed into the sweatshirt that day… is this helping?

yes, this IS going into the wash tonight!

This weekend will be a working weekend but I am determined to get a run in tomorrow and Sunday.  I also need to clean my apartment.  It has that, “oooo, you are blue” look to it.  I’m going attempt to sweet talk someone into helping me take my tree down as well since I can’t do it on my own.  Oh and I am going to make a blanket, finally do a post on weight loss and maybe even make some sourdough bread.  I hope to be productive!


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