I didn’t buy the football popcorn popper!

Whew!  What a day… as cliché as it sounds I really hate Mondays.  They are always so angsty for me and this was the first one back for the semester.  Thankfully, it wasn’t too terrible albeit a bit emotional (I know, shocker).

This morning I received this

It's really tall, already established and awesome!

It is from my Ragnar teammates.  The incredible part?  I have never met any of these women in person, yet they have reached out to show support.  Isn’t that cool?  I love how running can bring people together.  Running doesn’t require that you know each others’ histories – having running in common is foundation enough for good friendships.  Is it this way with other sports/hobbies?  Probably, but I like to think running is special :)

I am still focusing on my lifestyle changes.  When my dear, longtime friend Sarah and I used to make resolutions in high school, she would always tell me I should write down HOW I was going to achieve my goals, not just what I wanted to see happen; pretty solid advice!  Since one of mine is enjoy more moments and less things, I have been taking steps to stop the buying madness.  I have been immediately deleting all of my e-mails from stores with “GIANT, HUGE, NEVER AGAIN LOW PRICES” in their subject lines.  It’s definitely helping.  So is saying no to things I really don’t need

I love you V but no means no!
Its a football! But do.not.need.
It's shaped like a football! But do.not.need

One of my favorite snacks is a Gala apple with caramel – super YUM!  When I started losing weight I really struggled with finding healthy, filling snacks.  I have done the 100 calorie packs and don’t find them satisfying.  I don’t chew gum.  Water definitely helps but sometimes I just want fooooood!

Filling apple and the caramel helps to quench my sweet tooth

Today all of my Christmas presents arrived from back home.  Each year, my parents have to ship them too me, which I am always grateful for considering a 50 lb weight limit for a suitcase is just NOT ENOUGH!  I miss the good ol’ days when I could pack two GIANT suitcases and it wouldn’t cost me a kidney.  At least I am getting better at packing… but when I saw the boxes, I got emotional.  My dad would always pack them up and my mom would write on them.  She would either a) write my full name (she loved it) or b) write one of my nicknames as my middle name – nicknames are big in my fam.  Of course, my mom’s favorite was to write “Wiener” as my middle name.  Oh yes, when I was a baby I would only eat hot dogs, for every meal for SIX MONTHS!  Haha, I have always been odd.  I think it’s going to be those little things that will be the hardest.

As I mentioned, people have been reaching out to show their support left and right.  I know I have said, “thank you” before but I am not sure I can say it enough.

this was a box full of pampering - the gift card is for a pedi! It's from "My Ladies"

Beyond gifts, the outreach in whatever form is greatly appreciated.  Some send cards, other prayers and still others text or write me fun conversations that eases some of the anger and pain.  One of my staff members sent me the following quote today:

“Don’t be fooled by your emptiness, there’s so much more room for happiness.”

I hope this is true.


4 thoughts on “I didn’t buy the football popcorn popper!

  1. a) good job not buying crap! and b) i think you need a man just like that plant-tall, already established and awesome! haha.

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