my mojo and an anniversary

It’s been a mix of a day but I’ll leave some of the sadder stuff for the second half of this post in case you want to skip it.  I would rather not become the “debbie downer” of the blog world.  I’m fairly sure if my depressing posts keep up I’ll never a) have a date again or b) be invited to another party.  Yes, I am joking (kind of!) ;)

I had a FANTASTIC run tonight!  You know when you’ve had a series of runs where they were okay but nothing to get excited about and it almost feels as though maybe you aren’t really a runner?  Tonight, I feel like I got some of my running mojo back. I almost didn’t make it out the door, which has been a common theme for me lately.  So, I put on this shirt, absolutely didn’t sit down after I got done with work and hit the pavement

this was from my Grand Rapids 1/2 marathon - it reminded me I have running mojo!

I also did a great job (for me) drinking water today – a whole 24 oz before the run!!  I can always feel the difference when I’m hydrated and I have a bit more of a kick in my step.  I did a lil’ over 4 miles in 43.51.  I did have to walk a small portion but it was less than the last few times AND I saw some 9:59 in my pace section!  At the END of my run!  Yay!  I’m still about a minute off of my old pace but changing my gait has really helped my speed.  There is a small, itty, bitty part of me that is wondering that since I have changed my gait, could I increase my overall speed?  It’s almost too exciting to think about! :)

For dinner I rocked a giant salad that even this girl would be proud of.  The weather here has been incredibly mild and truthfully it kind of freaks me out.  Of course it’s great running weather but I feel that polar bears everywhere (yes, I do know they don’t live everywhere but roll with me!) are crying and sweating a bit.

It's Jan-u-ary! This is freaking me out! Is Al Gore right?!

I also took a nap during my lunch break.  I felt like I was practically nodding off this morning and the mid-afternoon nap made me feel almost normal.  My wild and crazy dreams have made it so my sleeping is less than restful lately so the nap was perfect.

Oh and I once dated a guy who looks like McGee from NCIS – he is kind of the nerdy character so I never told him but the resemblance was uncanny!!


Alright, for the kinda sad part… today is my parents’ 35th wedding anniversary.  I told someone today and they said this was really sad.  I agreed but I must admit I am relieved that some of the rougher holidays will be over with for awhile.  My mom and dad had a whirlwind romance.  They met, dated and were engaged within 10 MONTHS!  Haha, I couldn’t believe it when she told me!  It was just recently, and I said, “Are you serious?!”  My mom started giggling but swore she knew she was going to marry my dad after the first or second date.

mom's wedding picture - this was our favorite

My favorite story about my mom and dad is the following:  my mom’s ex-boyfriend gave her a really dopey looking mouse for some reason.  When she received it, mom wanted to think of the dorkiest name she could for the mouse and named it “Roger”.  Haha, my dad’s name is Roger :)  And I always think that my mom’s ex-boyfriend must have been PISSED when my mom and dad got hitched.  Mom and the ex were together for like 4 years and granted it was during high school and a little after but still.  In his mind, dad was probably supposed to be the rebound!

mom used to always say what a cutie dad was!

While I am sad today, I am also amazed and grateful my parents were able to stay together.  We went through a lot as a family and I know their marriage was tested.  One thing I always admired about their marriage was they had fun together.  They would joke around and tease each other.  Even if they weren’t married they would have been friends and this is definitely something I want in my future relationship.  So, Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!  You both earned those 35 years and hey look, you got me out of the deal so it HAD to be worth it!


5 thoughts on “my mojo and an anniversary

  1. Happy Anniversary! That is such a huge accomplishment – and seriously, what a beautiful wedding photo. :) Glad you had a good run also – those always feel amazing. And now that you had a salad too, feel free to eat cheese fries or something good tomorrow to reward yourself. Can’t be too good all the time!

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