crunch time!

Want to know one of my pet peeves?  When you do someone a favor and then they throw it back in your face x5.  URRRGGGG!  This morning I woke up and checked my e-mail.  I need to stop doing this as it’s a lousy way to start the day if the e-mail ‘Inbox’ doesn’t have anything good in it.  Anyway, I helped a person last week and ended up saving them $100.00.  They weren’t entirely happy with me and they wrote a really rude e-mail about me and passed it along.  The NERVE!  Now, I wish I had just charged them the $ but I was trying to be nice.

Okay, enough whining… look what came in today!

new keyboard! Wahoo!

Yep, my new keyboard.  I took a pic of it with my totally radical sandwich so I could show you that I haven’t quite learned my lesson as far as eating around technology.  Also, look at that sandwich!  SUPER yum!  Technology hates me.  Here is the torture I have unleashed on other devices:  Diet Coke all over my laptop – absolutely no recovery on that one, yogurt all over my keyboard, water droplet – which we talked about, oatmeal, a variety of bread crumbs, Simon, oh yeah, the list continues.  I bet technology starts crying when it finds out it’s headed to my place!

Tomorrow I have a big interview for an internal promotion.  I’m nervous of course but the other part of me is having trouble gearing up – I should be WAY more anxious.  I recognize that due to recent life events, getting geared up for anything (emotionally) is asking a lot of myself.  But I really do care!  I hope it goes well!

At least Chuck Norris isn't going for the same job I am! ;)

After the all day interview, I am going to jaunt home and get ready because…

headed east!

I’m headed to NEW YORK!  I have never been and am excited.  My dad, sister and brother are all meeting up to see my brother’s show.  Kevin’s girlfriend, Sabrina, will be joining us – we have never met her in person.  She is such a sweet woman and I can’t wait to hang out with her.  I might have already mentioned this but crunch time has hit.  I haven’t packed, my apt is a disaster and tomorrow I will be busy all day.  YIKES!  So, this post will be short so I can throw some moderately attractive clothing into a suitcase, run the vacuum over my apt and finish prepping for the interview.  Wish me luck – I’m going to need it!

3 thoughts on “crunch time!

  1. 1. Work emails are for…..WORK!!!!! Office only reading. It’ll make every day better, promise!
    2. GOOD LUCK!!!! You’ll rock that interview and maybe being a little less nervous than normal will be good so you can show off that confidence!
    3. Have fun in NYC!!! You guys all deserve it! :)

  2. WORK EMAILS ARE FOR WORK! Stop checking it at home you goof! No good can come from that. None.

    GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD LUCK today!!!!!! You’re gonna ROCK IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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