back in time…

It’s been a few days since I’ve written.  I have been enjoying the sights, sounds and tastes of NEW YORK CITY!  It was a great trip and it was amazing to see my family.  I want to do a decent recap without boring everyone but I am not quite sure where to start, haha.  So, we’ll go back to Thursday…  I had my interview and it was tough.  All interviews are tough and by the end of the day I was exhausted.


Does anyone remember that all last week we were having VERY unseasonably warm weather?  It was freaky.  On Thursday night I had to drive to Detroit, MI and I was already nervous.  The fact that a winter storm moved in all about put me over the edge.  I couldn’t decide whether to just drive over that night or wait until the morning.  I decided I should drive on Thursday night.


The drive was horrible.  I was freaking out since I’m a lousy driver anyway and the snow was coming down like crazy.  Oh yeah, a little orange bug does SUPER in the snow and wind by the way!  I am pretty sure I had 50 panic attacks.  And then I got lost.  I called my friend, Jamie who was kindly hosting me for the evening.  She told me how to get to her place and I felt a small wave of hope.  And then I got lost again.  On 7 Mile.  Oh yes, I was screwed.


At this point, I was wondering why in the hell I have never purchased a GPS?!  I was attempting to use map quest on iphone and this really wasn’t working.  Finally, Jamie had me turned around and going in the right direction (at least we were hoping).  I was at a red light and wondering if I could take a free right and I figured “what the hell” and went for it.  THEN I GOT F-ING PULLED OVER!  This was more than I could handle.  I did the completely pathetic thing and totally teared up when the officer asked for my license and registration.  I handed him my license, told him I was completely lost and then asked what I had done wrong.  Meanwhile, I was PANICKING because I couldn’t remember if I had put my updated proof of insurance in my car.  I told him I was sorry I was crying and not trying to get out of a ticket but I had been having a REALLY bad day.  Luckily, he took a look at my license and said I didn’t need to bother with the rest (my hands were shaking at this point) and proceeded to help me find my way to Jamie’s house.


I finally got to Jamie’s house and I needed a muscle relaxer AND a stiff drink.  I partook in neither (it was about 10:30 pm anyway.  It took me about FOUR HOURS to get there!) but had a wonderful time catching up with my dear friend.  The next morning Jamie drove me to the airport bright and early and I was off to my New York City adventure!

my 'smart' chariot!

More weekend updates coming!

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