i’m a zombie

I was too lazy to post last night… well, actually, I was too exhausted.  All week I have been literally walking around like a zombie

this is actually a picture of me from Wednesday ;)

Wednesday night I woke up at 3 am because my pain killers wore off but unfortunately, I still had an hour and a half before I could take more.  I made it another hour and then broke down and took more meds.  Then I had to wait a half hour for them to kick in – basically, a crappy night sleep.  Then last night we had an incident that required my attendance.  This took place at 1 am and lasted until about 2 am.  Awesome.  The funny part was I was wearing my purple zebra jammie pants and my staff member called me out since I’ve been wearing them quite a bit lately.  Tonight I have broken out a new pair

mmm... warm and fuzzy

Do you think drinking coffee actually wakes you up?  Or is it all mental?  Whichever it is, I couldn’t wait until this was all ready this morning

glass of heaven

I had forgotten that while I was home I went through some of my mom’s things and found this really cute little heart necklace.  Now, it should be known that my mom LOVED hearts.  I bucked it for as long as I could but soon I had embraced them as well.  When I found this, I fell in love

isn't it sweet?

This has been burning a hole in my pocket for a month now

coupon & a gift card!

My staff gave me a gift card to my favorite running store in town and then a few days ago I got a coupon as well!  Yay!  It was like the stars collided and WANTED me to go shopping!  I found several items that I could have purchased but to keep in line with my goal to buy less and experience more I bought a pair of Nike running tights that have wind protection on the thighs. Fabulous.  I’m looking forward to trying them out tomorrow.  The elements will test these pants for sure so I’ll keep you posted!

While in NY (which I’ll finish recapping this weekend, don’t you worry!) I wore a winter hat everyday because it was so freaking cold.  Winter has finally hit here; it has been bitterly cold and snowy the whole week and I have taken to wearing a hat here as well.  How did I not realize how much warmer a hat makes you??  With curly hair, wearing a hat can wreak havoc, however, now that I’m straightening it, a hat is perfect.  Thankfully, I have many to pick from and here was today’s

it is CHILLY out!

I have no idea where the “gang”-ish sign came from!  I took another picture but this one was the better of the two, scary, eh?

I went to lunch with a co-worker today (it was total fun times – thanks Katie!) and we were planning on going to my favorite lil’ sandwich place.  But when we got there it was closed and looked like it has shut down!  NOOOO!  It’s my favorite deli so anyone in Kalamazoo know what’s going on with this place??

please re-open! please re-open!!

And the last little bit to this odd post was my trip to Target.  I haven’t been to Target in over a month.  Yep, this should be considered a new record for me!  I have been on the look out for this

can't find this anywhere - has anyone seen it?

I’m pretty sure it’s a Target product but not sure from what season.  So when I couldn’t find this I looked around BUT our Target is becoming a super Target with fresh groceries and they are rearranging everything.  Pretty cool but I had no idea where some of the stuff was.  I stayed away from my hot-button areas that always scream “BUY ME AMY!” but did end up getting this for Simon

awww, the whales love each other - so cute

Simon loves it… well, he didn’t throw up on it so I am assuming he loves it.  Alright, clearly I had no real point tonight but I had some randomness and that really is a big part of my personality :)  Tomorrow I’m running for the first time in a wee bit and I get to try out my snow traxx and my new tights – super excited!  Hopefully, I won’t fall on my hiney!

3 thoughts on “i’m a zombie

  1. LOL…. i’m wondering what else you snuck in your suitcase from home dear Seister :p We may need a timeshare on that necklace.. so cute!!! xo H.

  2. As far as whether coffee actually wakes you up or not, check out my public bulletin board by the elevator! So factual! =D

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