fire, cupcakes & lady liberty

I am determined to catch up on my New York adventures!  Here we go!

First up, we travel in style – my sister brought her french press to make sure we could get our coffee fix first thing.  Both of us need a caffeine kick to get our buns moving in the morning so Heid made sure of this!

seriously, you should travel with my family!

I have terrible luck with gas stoves and have almost successfully blown up my sister’s house on a number of occasions.  Most recently, I practically burned off my eyebrows.  But there must have been some magic in the NY air

I made fire!

We decided to hit up the Statue of Liberty on Saturday because Sunday was supposed to be colder.  We wanted to walk by the Empire State Building first and then make our way down to the island.  Umm… yes, it was chilly

it felt so much colder than this!

We got slightly sidetracked on the way to the Empire State Building by this wonderful, wonderful place

YUM - no, didn't buy this one
but did steal a bite of this chocolate cocoanut one of my dad's!

With our sugar rush, we felt ready to tackle the frozen air again.  We walked to the Empire State Building, which really wasn’t too far from where we were staying.  With our head’s bent against the wind, the building seemed to pop up out of nowhere and my dad said, “Hey, look up!”

It definitely made us dizzy to look up!
I loved all of the flags around NY

We hit up the lil’ souvenir shop (where one of the workers followed my sister around making VERY odd noises!) that was across the street for few gifties for folks who were helping to take care of pets and so forth

Heidi embracing NY
Godzilla? King Kong? All around awesome?
in my price range ;)

We started walking towards the Statue of Liberty and we decided a taxi was a much better idea since we were already really cold.  According to the map it didn’t seem that far but we were silly and it turns out it was a lot further than we thought.  We finally got down to Liberty Park and WOW – was it frigid.  The wind was brutal.  I had my great new coat (thanks dad!) but my sister just had some layers and she was hurting.

dad and Heidi braving the elements for tix to Statue of Liberty
while I stayed undercover and froze!

We had a bit of a wait so we took shelter at what used to be a fort.  I decided it was prime time to get my “street meat” an item on my “must do” list.  I will admit, it wasn’t the greatest hotdog ever but it was more for the experience than anything else

yay for street meat!!

As I mentioned we took shelter and also waited for Sabrina to meet us.  For the record, “Staten Island ferry” sounds a lot like “Statue of Liberty ferry” when spoken with a french accent.  Good thing Sabrina can walk quickly!

the park workers trying to get warm and playing a gambling dice game

Bear with me and just keep looking at the pics :)

I have a TON of pics of the Statue of Liberty! A reliable source told me you feel more patriot when you see her and it was so true
here's Lady Liberty's old torch - they are currently doing renovations
one of my favorite pics from the trip! You can see dad's eye in there too! :)
this was in the gift shop where we took refuge and I found it a bit creepy

Onto Ellis Island next… the ferry ride was nice and a chance to warm up in between the two outings.  We found ways to entertain ourselves

this was harder than it looked - thata boat was arockin'!
me taking a pic of Heid
while I took a pic of her! See? Easily entertained and Sabrina fit right in as she took a pic of all of this :)

Whew!  This is seems really long – I’ll finish up Saturday and then start on Sunday.  Sunday was a HUGE day so it will help to split it into two parts.  I know, can you barely contain your excitement?!  As I already mentioned it was amazing to spend time with my family.  One thing I have noticed since being back here this week is that there is a loneliness that I can’t seem to shake.  When I am with them it isn’t as pronounced but alone I feel my mom’s passing more.  I’m sure this is a natural part of the grieving process but I wasn’t expecting it.  Hell, I wasn’t expecting any of this and this week was hard.  I’m hoping this upcoming week is better.  I think taking advantage of hanging out with friends will be important as well as getting back into regular running and working routines.

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