punched in the boob

Okay, so I tried to think of a place it really hurts to get punched and this is what I decided.  Yep, getting punched in the boob hurts.  And today has been one of those days where it felt like someone was punching me in the boob over and over!  So what do I do when I have had this kind of day?  I start getting reckless – like playing with fire reckless!

a full mug of caramel chai near my laptop - I'm DANGEROUS!

So my punched in the boob day started with an automated message asking if I would approve two LARGE (at least by my standards) purchases at Target.  I was really confused and wondered if this was some kind of prank but didn’t approve.  Then the automated voice said there were 5 or 6 other pending charges.  I freaked of course and called my bank to talk to a real person and somehow someone got ahold of my debit card number.  The bank guy asked me where I lost my card and I explained I was STARING at my card.  Hmm… perplexing.  We went through some charges and I unfortunately had to own up to the rather large DSW charge (I’m taking some back!  I just needed to do a fashion show!  You all will get to help me choose!).  Thankfully bank guy did not judge my DSW addiction and canceled my card.  Boo… I’ve been violated :(

clearly both Larissa and I give this a thumbs DOWN

I’m really grateful my bank called me and they said there could be a few more charges that I will need to dispute but we will just have to wait and see.  After I posted my dismay on facebook a lot of ppl replied with how it has happened to them.  WTF?!  Jeez, burglars go out and earn your own money!

 It really hit me that the last three months have totally and completely SUCKED.  I can handle a lot but this just pushed me over the edge.  It was really crappy outside but I didn’t take lunch and decided to go for a run instead.  Blind rage is a great motivator and at least it gave me a chance to try out my new running tights

I was eager to try these puppies out

At first I didn’t feel these tights were worth the $90 price tag.  Thankfully I DID NOT pay that much and after I started running I did notice I warmed up pretty quickly.  I really like the “weather shield” in the thigh area and even though I was running in sleety, stinging rain and it was really windy my legs weren’t cold.  I definitely appreciated this since usually when I come home my thighs are bright red.  Today, the weather was about 38* but I am not sure about the windchill factor.  I’m looking forward to trying them in colder weather.  The only downside was the ankle was REALLY tight and I didn’t even have it zipped all the way.  My ankles are fairly tiny (I have bird legs) so this surprised me.  There is a rubber liner on the bottom so they don’t move around much but I will probably wear higher socks next time around.  The run wasn’t great but it helped to ease a bit of stress.  This apparently is another way my stress manifests itself


Oh my gosh!  I crave sugar during stressed out times!  I didn’t even realize it until someone pointed it out to me (yeah, thanks).  But at least I can moderate it a bit.  Someone gave me this lil’ gem full of goodies and I am working on rationing them out rather than dive-bombing the whole bag.

Even though I’m trying to make light of it, I’ve had a horrible day.  Thankfully, I have really supportive people in my life.  I skyped with my family and we did Christmas stockings.  This was really fun and made me laugh when I my sister re-gifted something to my brother that I had originally given my brother-in-law!  Caught red-handed!  So, back to work tomorrow… I’m really hoping I get a day off from the wrath of karma.  Someone told me today, “well, it can’t get any worse right?”  People, please stop saying this to me!  IT CAN GET WORSE and I would rather not test it!  Just give me a hug okay?!

3 thoughts on “punched in the boob

  1. You’ll come through ALL this on the other side a stronger person than you’ll give yourself credit for. I know it’s SUPER cliche but there’s something about cliches that makes them overused – they’re true. Hold on tight and lean on your friends and family – you’ll get through!!!

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