The other day when I got back from New York, Simon was so happy to see me

awww, he loves me :)

Then a few minutes ago he got under my feet and I ended up tripping over him and partially stepping on him.  Now he won’t come near me.  I have shaken the treat bag, called out to him, looked for him and he is hiding VERY well!  It makes me feel like such a big jerk.  What was I carrying that almost killed us both?


Here’s the deal… I ordered 3 pairs.  I really couldn’t decide which ones I wanted so I ordered all three and will take 2 pairs back.  This is where you all com in – I need HELP!  I would love to hear your feedback!  Wahoo!  I love fashion shows :)  Please keep in mind the absolutely crappy lighting in my apt – sorry!  Without further delay:  BOOTS

boot 1

This boot is dark brown and suede.  There are two buckles that you can’t really see because I kept the little protective papers on in case I want to take them back.  This one is pretty comfortable and I love the color and have a zip up the side

boot 2

This boot is a black suede that looks a bit distressed.  I really like the stitching although these aren’t quite at comfortable as the first pair.  I think they kind of look a badass biker-ish which is fun.  They are pull-on

boot 3

I feel this are a bit more sophisticated than the other two pairs.  They are leather and pretty comfortable.  They zip up the side and the toe/foot area is a bit more narrow.

I need help!  They are all roughly the same price so that isn’t the concern.  I will mostly wear them with jeans – sometimes tucked in and sometimes not.  Cast your vote!


p.s. Simon still hasn’t emerged… I think he is REALLY mad at me


9 thoughts on “booooooots!

  1. Hmm I like all three so I’d go with most comfy!!! Unless you’d prefer brown? Also, Simon will get over it. :)

  2. omgosh, soo cute.. can you try them on with jeans? :D At first I was thinking #1.. but boot #2 has a certain appeal too! They also look like they may make your feet look small!! (#2 that is) When you have 3 choices, you should take away 1 pair.. either cuz they’re not that comfortable or they’re just not as cute as the other two. So what 2 boots would you be left with?

  3. I agree with Heidi-take one out of the equation first. Then go for comfort. I can’t see the stitching on yours but mine are black with brown stitching so i can wear with black AND brown which is awesome. So, if one of these pairs can swing both ways, go with those. I do like the sophistication of #3; they look a little cowgirl too :).

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