a sad entry – you don’t have to read if you don’t want to!

Today has been fairly overwhelming… I had started to write a post about New York, seeing as it is taking approximately 2 weeks to recap a four day trip!  I was determined to focus on something positive rather than all the boo-worthy things of today.  But then my dad called.  He said he had something to tell me that was sad but kind of neat too.

Oh boy…

My great Aunt Nancy was my grandpa’s sister on my mom’s side.  She was a really kind woman who absolutely loved my mom and she was really upset when mom passed.  I guess Aunt Nancy got sick with pneumonia and doctors either couldn’t cure it or didn’t catch it soon enough.  Her son came to sit with her as they knew she wouldn’t make it much longer.  Moments before she died, she opened her eyes wide and they got really bright and she said, “Kelly” and then a few other names of loved ones who have died.  And then she was gone.

I know, it’s a party all the time around this blog – aren’t you so glad you still reading and/or following?!

I know some of you don’t believe in the after life or God and that is totally okay by me.  But I do… I need to, now more than ever… I’m not sure if this story makes me feel better or even more sad.  My dad said it makes him feel better.  I can just imagine mom up there organizing a welcome party (with a theme of course) for my Aunt and apparently she was part of the welcoming committee.  In this sense, it does make me feel better.  But on the other hand, it just sucks you know?  It sucks that I no longer have my mom here and it reminds me of what I’ve lost.  Then of course, there is the sadness of losing another family member.

Okay, deep breath… New York will need to wait another day.  Tonight I am snuggling with Simon in my fuzzy jammie pants.  Oh my gosh, thank goodness I gave away all of the brownies I made last night, that so would not have been pretty!  Send hugs and funny things my way – I need it!

2 thoughts on “a sad entry – you don’t have to read if you don’t want to!

  1. I think that’s a wonderful story!! I always like hearing things like that to help you believe that at the very least there’s an order to and reason for everything. (I’ll let Aaron take care of the funny!)

  2. This entry made me cry – both sad and happy tears. I’m so sorry your mom has left this earthly life but I am overjoyed knowing that you will see her again and that she’ll be one of the many loved ones welcoming you back home with our Heavenly Father. I love you, Amy-Lou!!!

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