tips to find the perfect dress

pretty much says it all

*It dawned on me today that I have less than a week to find the perfect birthday dress.  Since my luck has been so crummy lately, I wasn’t sure how it would turn out but I ventured to the mall to see what I could find.  Now, if any of y’all need to be reminded my bank card number was stolen last Monday.  What that meant for today’s shopping excursion was I had ONE check and my Macy’s card.  I didn’t want to break out my credit card so I left it at home.  I know, I totally live on the edge.

Okay, real quick, my new bank card isn’t supposed to be here for 5 to 7 days.  Do banks realize how FREAKIN’ HARD it is to write checks these days?!  I swear, I practically had to sign my life away and get a full body search just to make a purchase at Wal-Mart the other day.  Couldn’t the bank put a rush on that puppy?

Rant over… I kicked off my shopping at Macy’s by taking back a purse I had purchased over winter break.  Here are my shopping tips for finding the “perfect” ________.  Start searching the store – in the section you need.  Yep, sounds pretty elementary but I found myself getting sidetracked in the shoe department and had to pull myself out.  I did my first round and picked up anything and everything that I thought might look cute.  This is important, don’t focus on whether it’s “your style” or not.  If it catches your eye, grab it.  You just never know.

my arms were almost falling off!

I had an idea of what I was looking for when I first got there and I find anytime I have an important shopping trip, coming in with an idea of what I want is important.  See that green dress?  I thought that might be the one but alas it was too long.

the maybe's... but still part of the first trip to the fitting room

I find it helpful to try things on and put them either in “absolutely NOT”, “maybe” and “YAY!” piles.  This way I can see if I am making any progress.  Today was one of those “everything fits” days!  As many of you know, these are the best shopping days :)  Sometimes, it makes it hard to make decisions but there sure is something magical about them!

After the first trip to the dressing room, I went out and looked around again at the sections I missed the first time.  Yes, I realize for some of you, this sounds like torture.  This is typically why I venture out on these types of shopping trips on my own.  But hit up sections that you didn’t go through the first time – petites, juniors, parts of the women’s sections – whatever.  Also, really look through the sales racks.  Especially at stores like Macy’s, everything is just shoved in there and you have to spend time looking through it all.  Then I also end up trying the same thing on twice or in a couple of different sizes.  I feel fit is important and women’s sizing is the WORST as far as discrepancies.

this was my third trip in the dressing room

I have also found it’s important to be brutally honest with yourself if you are having a “everything fits” shopping day.  What do I really like rather than just enjoying how it looks.  Then it’s time to come to some decisions.  I found three dresses that were super cute and a few tops.  In the third dressing room trek, I brought in some different of sizes of items that I had already picked out just to make sure I knew what I wanted.  Again, I’m a bit obsessive about this part so if you like what you have the first time you probably don’t have to try it on again!

umm... don't forget to fix your hair before you leave the dressing room!

So?  How did I fare today?  One dress is not a birthday option but it is very cute.  Not to mention originally is was $138.00 (I know, crazy!) and I paid $22.00 for it!  Seriously!  Actually, I didn’t pay over $28.00 for anything I purchased today, which was amazing to say the least.  I found 2 dresses that I think are birthday party contenders but a fashion show is a MUST!  At  the register, I went through my pile of clothes again and cut a few things to make sure I was buying a) what I wanted b) what I needed (and yes, I use this term loosely) and c) items that looked the best.

Those are my best tips for successful shopping!  It is time consuming but I have found it helps to ensure I don’t make rash decisions that will cost me – literally and figuratively.

When I got home, I did a Shape video since it was almost dark out and I want to put more effort into cross training.  I also want to look GOOD on Friday.  I have forgotten how tough the video could be if you put the effort in and my arms are a bit wobbly.  After the video I was going to jump rope for two increments of 5 minutes.  Ummm… I made it for a minute and a half.  Haha, jump roping is hard work!  I would like to create a circuit using the jump rope and few other moves but apparently I’ll have to build up to it a bit!

I’m going to leave you with this funny pic of my brother.  My brother helped my dad put away the holiday decorations and I guess this is what happens

yes, we are a strange family :)

*card from someecards

2 thoughts on “tips to find the perfect dress

  1. Love the picture of your brother!!! Can’t wait to get a text message fashion show. Aaron was disappointed you didn’t post ALL your dresses on the blog….LOL!

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