excuses, excuses

I DID not want to run today.  I mean, it was one those times where I looked wistfully at my couch after work and it literally called out to me, “AAAAAMMMMMMMYYYYYYYY”!!!  Here is why I didn’t want to run

I was too tired

I felt beat up from work today

I still didn’t feel great from yesterday

I wore heals all day so it would be harder

My cat missed me all day

My apt is messy and needs to be cleaned

Wine sounded more therapeutic than a run

Did I mention I was too tired?

I ate half a piece of Carrot Cake Cheesecake from The Cheesecake Factory for a late lunch therefore I wasn’t properly fueled – although there were carrots in it so partially healthy, yeah?

a present from my assistant who was in Chicago yesterday - I'm sorry if this sends you to the nearest Factory!

But today I saw this guy

sock monkeys freak me out! But this one is a pirate

Yep, most likely a sign from my Ragnar teammates to get out there and RUN!

So I ran.

I ran because I got an awesome pep talk right before the end of work today.  I ran because I don’t want to disappoint my cool sponsors (still so psyched about this!).  I ran because I don’t want my teammates to wish some other strange girl had e-mailed them.  I ran because I needed to.  I ran because deep down I love how it makes me feel and I need/want to get back in  touch with this!  It wasn’t the strongest run ever but I walked less on that stinkin’ “fitness hill” and even saw a 9:52 in the pace calculator.  Now THAT made me feel good!

My Grandma sent me this card today – I seriously laughed my hiney off

hahaha! I laughed so hard!

After my run I decided I needed some dinner

bowl full of carby goodness

I once watched this show talking about obesity.  They showed a table filled with the foods that his one guy ate everyday.  The doctor pointed out that EVERYTHING on the table was beige.  It was true.  There was absolutely no colorful foods on the table.  Whenever, I cook or eat now, this is what I think of

MUCH better!

This was actually a bit more of a portion then I needed but it sure was tasty.  I did overcook the noodles a bit – oopsie.  At least now I have leftovers for tomorrow.  It’s just noodles, chicken and parmesan cheese with veggies.  It’s super easy and usually I get a couple of meals out of it, which is always a good thing.  Yay!  Leftovers are the best :)

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