birthday weekend recap

Wahoo!  Happy Birthday to me :)  Yes, we are two days past my big day but it’s still really fun to live it up a bit.  I had an absolutely wonderful birthday.  Friends and family helped me to celebrate in a variety of ways and I had such a great day.  I thought this birthday would be really emotional and at times it was BUT I just felt so damn lucky all day.

Here are some of the highlight:


I’m not a fan of this term (I feel like I sound like some kind of preppy brat) but I am a HUGE fan of pedicures.  The ladies in my office gave me a gift certificate for a manicure and pedicure a few weeks ago and I decided to use it on Friday.  It was the BEST idea!

so relaxing!

The technician was really sweet and I got a design on my toes and fingers for free!  Yay!

Sisterly love:

and people wonder where I get it
inside - LOVE it :)

Then inside the box there were lots of fun gifties

yes, poor photo but there were individual wrapped presents, a Betty Crocker subscription - yay! and a lovely note from Sabrina!


So, I had four options for dresses.  Two of the options I posted the other day and the other two I got in the mail on Thursday.  They came in this package:

why yes, this is a priority mail envelope - cracked me up!

I did a fashion show and we all agreed on the dress I wore.  However, it was VERY low cut.  At first I was okay with it but then one of my staff members gave the idea of adding lace – brilliant!  I think it added a nice touch and I didn’t feel like I was flashing any other bar patrons

all ready to go!

Oh yes!  I got my hair cut the night before and my hairdresser, Stephanie is one of the sweetest persons around.  She had just learned how to put tinsel in hair and we agreed I needed some for my big night.  Stephanie gave it to me as a birthday gift – see what I mean about the sweetest?  I have red tinsel and it’s very subtle, cute and lasts about a week or two.  I like it :)

The Bar

this is probably some of the best popcorn in town

Okay, I have a mild obsession with popcorn.  I worked in a movie theater for three years or so and we literally would eat it for meals.  I love the stuff.  The bar we went to has free popcorn that just keeps on comin’.  This is one of the main reasons I go there!

Then there was also the nachos.  The nachos at the bar are fantastic and I haven’t had them in a year?

super delish and this was the half order!

I had a bunch of friends who came and went so I got to see a ton of people.  It was awesome.  I got amazing hugs, some fun gifties (I’ll take some pics of those soon) and get this, my dad sent me his first ever text message!  I was so proud of him! Dad had called me at 8:30 am to sing me happy birthday and then he texted me later.  I was so proud :)

Of course there was just a bit of drinking!  After I thought about it yesterday, I realized that I hadn’t been out and about in a REALLY long time.  I kind of forgot how to do it.  In fact, there was this guy apparently hitting on me but I didn’t even know it.  Oopsie!  Here are a few pics of the alcohol – have you ever noticed how pretty alcohol can look?

nuts and berries shots - total girly shot but tasty
The Superman
don't ask!

It was a blast!  I think I have other pics from the evening and I’ll get those up if they are decent.  At the end of the night I hung out on my couch a bit and see how happy I look?

Yay! A happy Amy

Then yesterday my staff made me my favorite cake

I know - isn't that so fantastic!?

All in all a fab weekend.


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