Great scott, I have to STOP eating this cake!

i'm addicted!

this is my very favorite cake – yes, I know, it doesn’t seem like much but chocolate cake with rainbow chip icing is sooo tasty!  It can’t be funfetti – it has to be rainbow chip :)

Speaking of all that cake, I had a run tonight.  It was a free organized “race” that I signed up for last week with my friend Emily.  I had no idea I was going to overdose on sugar the whole weekend and NOT want to put on tight pants and run around downtown Kalamazoo.  But I try not to flake (I used to be really bad about this) so I boot-scooted it to Em’s place.  Emily wasn’t super jazzed to run this lil’ 5k either but we pep talked ourselves out the door.  Win #1

yay! we made it through!

It was fairly chilly but the run turned out pretty fun.  Em and I kept up a decent pace – probably around 10:15, that still allowed us to chat.  It was nice not to have the garmin or music but instead enjoying running with a friend.  After, there was a small reception at our local running store (which I LOVE!).  Before the race, I didn’t get to eat much and there were some appetizers and seriously, I could have eaten the whole bowl of spinach dip.  I was very hungry!  There was a raffle and guess what?  I won a prize!  Win #2

yay! a new tech shirt :)

Today my Aspaeris Pivot compression shorts came in the mail!  The shorts are supposed to help the alignment of your knees, encourage healthy legs and made especially for women!  I bought them to wear for the Ragnar Relay, although wearing them for 36 hours might get a bit uncomfortable.  And smelly.  I’ll bring Febreze.  I purchased them last week when they were half off but when I pulled them out of the packaging, I was a bit worried

did I buy hobbit pants?!

But they actually fit and make my hips and thighs look 2 sizes smaller.  Win #3

I made some cookies yesterday as I “bartered” for some lessons with an online photo editing program,  I am SUPER excited and making cookies was the least I could do.  But I couldn’t decide whether or not to make chocolate chip or vanilla chip so I combined the chips and a little baking magic happened.  They were good.  The other tidbit about these cookies is they are made with a cake mix.  People literally think I am Betty Crocker incarnate.  But I can’t take all of the credit.  I’ll post the recipe tomorrow… maybe ;)  Nevertheless, I got the better end of the deal.  Win #4

you are going to thank me for this

I’m very happy I ran tonight and currently I am making my spring race schedule.  I’ll post the races I’m looking at this week – yay for motivation!

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