valentine’s day…

Ugh… woke up today still feeling grumpy but also feeling totally under the weather :(  Actually, I woke up at 4 am feeling terrible but hoped a couple more hours of sleep would make me feel better.  No such luck.  Same thing with the crabbiness.  I know, I am a real joy to be around.

So, I hung out with my cat – he was very happy to have a snuggle buddy all day.  Although, he has since left my side and I am guessing it’s because I still haven’t showered today.  Apparently, Simon has fairly high standards!  I also spent a good chunk of time on pinterest.  It’s addicting – like peanut butter and chocolate addicting.!  I’m hoping that I actually make some of the projects that I have pinned someday – to me that would be real achievement!

I want to make these

And this

Then I would really, really like to make this, this and this!

Being on pinterest for large amounts of time also means seeing A LOT of Valentine’s Day projects.  Here’s the deal: I love Valentine’s Day!  I really do!  It was always a big deal when I was younger and I still think it’s a neato holiday.  Of course, as I have gotten older, the concept of Valentine’s Day has changed for me.  Where I used to think it was a sweet holiday now it has become THE holiday that seems to drive home my single-ness.  In fact, a couple of weeks ago I couldn’t figure out why the obnoxious jewelry commercials were back and then it dawned on me

I think these things taste terrible!


I’ve had some shoddy Valentine’s Days in the last few years.  A few years back my boyfriend at the time told me I looked like a hooker after griping the whole night about how he hated the night, didn’t want to be out, blah, blah.  I was wearing my favorite red dress and I was bummed/hurt about all of it.  Another time, my big crush (also a friend) and I got in a huge fight – it wasn’t pretty.  Then other Valentine’s, I have just spent on my own, which can feel very depressing when you put as much weight on the holiday as I did.

I really started thinking this year would be the same.  I would get all mopey because I was on my own and I would start making really bad and bitter jokes about Valentine’s Day and how much it sucked.  But I’ve been doing some thinking… I want to embrace Valentine’s for the true meaning it has for me.  Yay LOVE!  All kinds of love – the love I have for my family, my friends, my staff.  I know I sound like an after school special but bitter doesn’t look very good on me and I like hearts – A LOT! :)

I also like x's and o's :)

Yep, I’m going to make some Valentine’s treats.  I’ll probably even buy Valentine’s and send those out too, haha!  I want to make some Valentine’s decorations as well.  But most of all, I am going to enjoy the holiday and celebrate the love that is IN my life not lament the love that isn’t.

Sound like a good plan?  I thought so!  I’ll be sure to post some pics along the way!


One thought on “valentine’s day…

  1. Celebrating the love you have is the only way to celebrate Valentine’s in my opinion!!! Good for you!!! Can’t wait to celebrate with you. P.S. Birthday?????

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