last valentine’s post

Another Valentine’s day is almost in the books.  As I mentioned yesterday, my mom loved this holiday.  I always figured she was the driving force but tonight my dad called me to wish me a happy hearts day.  The phone call was definitely bittersweet and (shocker) emotional.  I try really hard not to cry on the phone with dad since I know he is having a very different experience than I am and I can only imagine how this Valentine’s has been for him.  It definitely puts things in perspective for me and being whiney about being single.

To help make this a little less sad, here is some holiday humor

I was very much set to enjoy my Valentine’s day, bitter-free.  I walked into my office and my assistant said flowers had arrived for me.  Literally, hope crossed my face.  I asked him, “seriously?  Don’t kid!”  He assured me they arrived for me and this kept up and finally he said, “well, now I feel like an a**hole.  I was trying to joke around but it just didn’t seem to go well.”  You think?!!!  Thankfully, my favorite breakfast of champions was waiting for me

these are my favorite!

They are cheesy breakfast potatoes – YUM!  And you can have 5 of them for 140 calories.  They are only available once per week and yes, I realize it’s kind of pathetic how much time I am spending on these but they are really good!  Not to mention, after the flower comment, I was looking for a bright spot!

Thankfully, I have this lil’ guy as my Valentine – he has been incredibly snuggly all day today

sweet dude :)

Now, I do have a valentine beef to share with everyone.  I heard a lot of people complain about how much they hate this holiday.  I understand that it feels like couples are “forced” to show they care about one another and how everyone should do this on a daily basis and for this I have the following things to say:

1.  I am going to be stereotypical here and say that most men are the ones saying this, or at least this has been my experience.  In my dating history, I have heard this argument many times.  You know what I have to say?  SUCK.IT.UP. I have spent many a Monday nights watching football.  I have spent many an evening watching WW – something wrestling (I only wish I was kidding).  Yep, I get geeked over a super cheesy holiday but its ONE DAY!  C’mon!  I am not asking you to don a diaper and prance around spouting sonnets but not bitching about how much you hate Valentine’s would be awesome.  It’s one day.

2.  I have no expectation of diamonds, 5 dozen roses or whirlwind trips to exotic places as far as Valentine’s gitfties.  A card?  A flower?  Simple!  I like simple because I like the thought.  I once had someone tell me they looked around the grocery store for the dumbest thing they could find for me.  Umm… no, this is not the thought I am looking for!  I am pretty sure many women (significant other) feel the same way.  And if your significant other does expect huge gifts for Valentine’s my guess is you know this ahead of time and probably appreciate that about them in the first place!

3.  I absolutely appreciate that you show you care about me the other days of the year outside of this one day.  Please know this… but I want it to be just a bit extra special today.

4.  Chocolate is yummy

it's funny 'cause it's true

To wrap up my night I found the perfect pair

true happiness

and then I couldn’t get it open

WTF Valentine's day??? I defended you!!!!!

Thankfully, I stared at the bottle for a few minutes and tried several different routes to getting the bottle opened.  Success!  Which was good because I was done being all glass is half full – I needed a full glass.  Of strawberry champagne.  Yes, the pink was holiday influenced.  I know.  You are probably disappointed.  I should also admit I downloaded the song, “Love You Like a Love Song“.  I just figured you could be disappointed in me all at once rather than stretching it out.  Happy Valentine’s day :)

2 thoughts on “last valentine’s post

  1. HAHA! You crack me up. The way I see it – there’s never a bad reason to show someone you love them. We often take people in our lives for granted, so why not have a day to remind us that we should tell them we love them? Plus, I never saw Valentine’s day as something only for couples. I love my family and friends too – why not celebrate the love you DO have instead of complaining about the love you DON’T. :)

    So in that spirit, LOVE YOU AMY! You are a wonderful, generous friend and I’m so lucky to have someone so special in my life. And it doesn’t hurt that you always know what to say to make me smile. :)

  2. a) I agree with all of this! b) i’m happy you were able to open your wine!, c)my family says “happy hearts day” too! love you chincha :)

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