valentine ideas – with food of course

Happy Valentine’s Eve!  Today I sent out all of my valentines and am currently making some yummy valentine brownies for my staff.  They are in the shape of a heart and I’m going to write on them.  Because seriously, those chalky heart-things should NOT be considered candy.  Chocolate conversation hearts are the only way to go!

Last year, I wanted to do something cute for Valentine’s and I really set my brain to thinking.  At the time, I was convinced I was going to start a food blog so of course it revolved around food.  Since I love eggs, I was so excited when my crafty brain came up with this!

awww, heart-shaped egg in toast!

I was more than impressed with my creativity and I loved how perfect the toast inside came out to be.  I knew it would be a perfect Valentine’s day breakfast someday… and then I looked around and

damn Martha! Leave some ideas for us!

I swear, that woman has a direct connection to my brain!  But if you are trying to think of an idea for your sweetie in the morning this was super easy and turned out pretty cute.  Of course pinterest had some fun ideas too

these are adorable and wouldn’t take a terribly long time

super easy and CUTE and I can’t wait to make these!

Last year for Christmas, my mom got me these salt and pepper shakers.  I’ve talked about it before but she would buy me frog princes – I have a bunch of them.  They are very sweet and I keep these two out all year as they are my favorite

they are magnetic so always kissing ;)

I’m missing my mom today and this holiday since she loved Valentine’s.  She loved to celebrate it BIG!

Onto my current baking endeavor… I’m making these brownie bites from Pioneer Woman.  They are amazing!  The brownie bites have tons of chocolate in them and then they have a chocolate glaze.  But first you need the cutest pan ever

I couldn't snag it off the shelf fast enough!

It’s a Nordic Ware (careful, this site looks dangerous!) pan and I found it at Target on clearance.  I did have to mess with the time and temp it took to bake these brownies because they are a lot bigger than the ones P-Dub (yeah, that’s what I call her – I’m a huge fan so she gets a nickname!) made.  The first batch is probably overbaked a bit but smothered in chocolate makes everything better.

my mom would have LOVED these :)

After they cool a bit, it’s dunking time!  Let me just tell you, these brownies are amazing – even without the glaze.  I mean, I wouldn’t skip it, you will have people falling at your feet when they eat one but I felt it was important to do a quality check.  I don’t want to pass off any crap baked goods!  I found these sprinkles today and couldn’t resist – lil’ lips?!  Could you?!

these will be popping up again

Dipping the brownies was a bit messy but it went really quickly.  I sprinkled lips on a few of them and then wrote text on the others.  Writing on them was a bit harder than I remembered – I probably should have waited until the glaze set a bit before trying to write on it with frosting but oh well.  I like ’em!  I definitely need to practice writing on cookies, cakes and cupcakes.  I used to be decent so we’ll have to see if the muscle memory comes back.  Until then…

Can’t wait to give these out tomorrow!




2 thoughts on “valentine ideas – with food of course

  1. Amy-those look so good I am going to do the egg in the heart for my bf. and my nephews they will love it. Those brownies look amazing. I took a cake decorating class at Jo Ann’s once super fun

  2. Amy – umm, yummmm! =) How I remember reaping the benefits of working for you….ahh yes, those were the days! And by the way, those salt & pepper shakers are just the cutest (definitely a keep out all the time kind of piece)!

    Love you!

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