don’t mess with the bug

This is a video my brother-in-law shot of his neighbors.  Clearly, this wasn’t how it was supposed to happen but luckily it didn’t do as much damage as you would think.  Most likely because the tree didn’t have as much time to build up momentum.

Speaking of damage, today I found this

my poor car!

When I saw this today it really took my not so great day to a whole new level.  I was definitely proud of myself for not completely losing it but I may or may not have taken some of my anger out on poor unfortunate coworkers.  And then after work I did nothing.  I am not proud of this part.  It was a prime time to go for a run, put some endorphins to work and take back my day!  Nope, I accepted defeat.  Yeah, I know it happens.  I just get disappointed in myself.  But tomorrow is another day and I am DETERMINED to make it a better one!  Here’s hoping!


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