i’m a bit boring sometimes…

I tried to embed a countdown for both the 25k as well as the Ragnar Relay but I couldn’t figure it out – errr… sometimes technology taunts me!  It looked really nifty too – it has a day, hours and seconds countdown!  I’m going to keep trying but if you have any suggestions, I am open to them.

Happy Fat Tuesday!  I don’t remember ever really celebrating Fat Tuesday back in WA.  I seriously think the Midwest and Michigan in particular uses any excuse to have a party.  This isn’t a judgement just an observation and it makes me laugh. I have started to acclimate although I still feel like I’m a bit behind!  Tonight I wanted to make a celebratory snack for my staff so I decided on festive rice krispie treats

these are caramel and vanilla marshmallows - what will they think of next?!

I mixed these with chocolate rice krispies and they turned out well!  But I do like regular marshmallows with chocolate rice krispies better.  I also put some vanilla frosting on them and some green, purple and yellow sanding sugar to jazz it up.

my lighting is so poor! but they were fun!

I’ve also decided to cut the 5 mg melatonin in half.  I did sleep better last night and wasn’t as zombie-ish as Monday but I also fell asleep on the couch at 10:15 pm.  I won’t be able to get that much sleep tonight so hopefully the half will help.

And tomorrow I am trying a PiYo class!  It’s being offered in my building for free and I have always been really interested in trying it.  I’m running tomorrow as well so it will be a full evening of working out.  By tomorrow night I know I won’t be as excited (I’ll be too tired!), however, I’m going to push on through.  Especially now that I have announced it!

Hmmm… short post this evening… and kind of boring – sorry about that!

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