race countdown and t-rex arms

River Bank 25k – 79 days                      

Ragnar Relay – 106 days

I definitely need to keep these countdowns RIGHT in front of me!  I have started training but kind of half-assed it so far this week.  I have never followed an actual training plan.  I’m not going to lie, I find training plans to be a bit intimidating.  They feel so structured, which usually isn’t my thing.  However, I am willing to give it a shot this time around since my willpower/motivation are temperamental right now.  I also know it takes 3 weeks to make a habit and when I used to run more consistently it was because it was a habit.  I miss it and need to dig deep to get back to it!  Instead of spending too much time like this

just so snuggly

Today I was SUPER responsible!  I renewed my tabs.  Yes, one small feat for some but I have the memory of gnat – at least for these kinds of things.  I am constantly forgetting to do these simple types of tasks.  I once borrowed Kindergarten Cop from the video store.  I ended up paying $45 for the damn VHS tape because I forgot to bring it back.  Forget remembering to get my oil changed, remembering what time my dentist appointment is or other mundane things that other people seem to remember with ease.  You know what else I found?  I actually had my proof of insurance in my car! Yay!  When I got pulled over in Detroit last month I was thanking my lucky stars the cop didn’t make me dig it out because I wasn’t sure I had it.  Now, I wish he had :)

I also tried a half of a 5mg melatonin – worked out great!  I have actually slept through the night now 3 nights in a row!  This is crazy for me!  I am really excited that this could help.  Sometimes during my lunch, I’ll be so exhausted that I have to lie down and today I didn’t feel that desperation to close my eyes.  Now, obviously from the picture above, I laid down after work but didn’t actually sleep more than just a few mins.  I have also been going to bed earlier.  Big win – who knew?  Hey, maybe it will even help with my gnat-like memory!

So by tomorrow I will have a training plan ready to go.  I’ll share it in case anyone else is looking for a bit of structure in their lives.  I have also signed up for yoga on Monday again and signed up for the Kalamazoo Mud Run.  It’s June 2nd and this is the same weekend as The Color Run.  I really wanted to do the color run but since the Ragnar is the following weekend I didn’t see how I could afford two trips to Chicago in a week and a half plus all of my Ragnar expenses.  Not to mention, the Mud Run is raising funds for clean water in Uganda so I like that part.  It’s a 5k (a little short) with obstacles.  Oh yeah, I’m SCREWED!  Remember my t-rex arms?!

see those useless lil' arms?! do you think he could pull himself over a wall?!

I’m excited for the challenge – or at least laughing my ass off when I can’t complete the actual challenge!  To be truthful, I feel like it will be kind of like the final round of Double Dare.  Remember this?  Remember the obstacle course at the end where they had to find the flags amongst all the goupy mess?  Man, I used to get so frustrated when the flag was right there! and the dumb ppl couldn’t find it.  I also used to dream about getting on the show so I could prove how easy the obstacle course really was.  What can I say?  I had strange dreams.  I have a feeling I’ll be looking pretty silly but I can sacrifice my dignity for a good cause.  Yes, I may have to cancel my pinterest and actually lift a weight or two before then!


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