things that make me happy & a training plan

River Bank 25k – 78 days

Ragnar Relay – 105 days

I want to make sure I remember things that make me happy since I know there are so many but for some reason I get bogged down in the things that make me mad, or sad or frustrated.  Why is this?  Maybe this will become a weekly post (I do like the alliteration of “things that make me happy thursday, although, there isn’t A LOT of alliteration there!) but we’ll see.  Ali on the Run does something like this on Thursdays and I have always liked it.  Not to mention, my friend and I have talked about starting a “grateful journal” or at least writing down what we are grateful for on a daily basis.  Let’s face it, we forget to see the positive things… so here is my list for this Thursday.

1  this

how amazing is this?!

When I was younger, PBS was on channel 9.  So we called Bob Ross “Channel 9 Guy”.  We were so creative.  Usually we only watched him if we couldn’t find anything else on tv but “happy trees” are still pretty incredible.

2.  Large iced nonfat caramel mochas from McDonald’s

so good and fairly cheap

I know I have detailed my love for coffee before and this drink in particular.  But I had to include it since they really do make me happy :)

3.  Harry Potter

I watched an obscene amount of Harry Potter this past weekend and it was awesome.  It really is a sad story and I have read all of the books several times.  For some reason I love the stories; at first I refused to buy into the hype and wouldn’t read them.  Then I caved and maybe I like the theme of “love conquers all” or how friends are defined as family.  Whatever it is, I love Harry Potter marathons on ABC Family on weekends!

4.  Doing laundry

love the color of this room!

I really do love to do laundry – maybe it’s because you can see your results from your efforts.  Or because it makes my apt smell so fresh.  Whatever it is, I am also fascinated by how men fold their laundry, haha.  Yes, I know I’m weird but I’m just interested.

5.  Reading this post about what to pack for the Ragnar Relay has gotten me even more excited about this race.  I can’t believe I have signed up for this!  Why?  Because it’s something I would have talked about but then chickened out before signing up.  It also seems like only a “real runner” would do a race like this.  Sometimes I forget that am a “real runner”!  I also love that I have opened myself up to a whole new community of people/runners and 11 other women who have responded in kind.  I’m looking forward to pushing myself, taking part in a totally different type of race and just having an absolute blast.  I put in for my time off last week and below is the beginning of the training schedule I’m going to use for the both the 25k and then transition to training for the Ragnar.  They suggest toward the end of training start running twice a day so your legs can get used to running multiple times in a day.  Yay!  I’m excited!

Training Plan

So, me being the math genius that I am (I counted the weeks on the calendar), figured out today that I have 12 weeks until the River Bank Run.  ***GULP***  When I tried to plug-in a training plan online (I was searching for some free ones) I put in the beginning and end date and another screen popped up that said there is not enough time for training.  HA!  I laugh in the face of you wacky online training plans!  Buuut, as I mentioned last night, it’s time to get moving.  Here is what my plan is going to look like for right now:

Monday – Yoga  (I’m always tired on Mondays and getting out to run is tough.  Yoga fits in really well here)

Tuesday – 4 miles

Wednesday – cross training

Thursday – 1 mile easy 2 miles tempo 1 mile easy

Friday – 1 mile easy and hills – equal to 4 miles, core work

Saturday – rest

Sunday – long run 6 and then I will up it each week

I know I will need to up my mileage during the week to match/prepare for the long runs.  During my training for my first half marathon I didn’t do a very good job of training during the weeks or doing much cross training.  I want to correct that mistake during this training season.  I will revise this training in the next couple of weeks and keep you all posted!

3 thoughts on “things that make me happy & a training plan

  1. Two things:
    1.McDonald’s carmel mochas are crazy good! I can’t believe I actually like something from them!
    2. That laundry room is insane! I wouldn’t just do laundry there. It’s beautiful!

    Good luck with Ragnar! It’s one of my goals to race one in the near future.

  2. I’d like to do laundry too if my laundry room looked like that. Now you’ll have to explain to others that yours DOESN’T (that in fact, your washer and dryer are in different rooms) and we’ll be baffled to understand why you love to do laundry.

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