my brain is not working

River Bank 25k – 75 days

Ragnar Relay – 102 days

Happy Sunday!  Are you watching the Oscars?  I am NOT.  I really don’t enjoy award shows very much – not sure why.  I really do watch total crap on tv so I guess depending on your opinion either a) you are asking yourself, “then why WOULDN’T you watch award shows or b) “well, of course you don’t watch the Oscars, they aren’t crap!”  If you can’t tell, I sometimes provide inner monologues for people.  It’s an inherited habit and I am desperately trying to break it.

Yesterday, I finally got off my duff and went for a run.  It was definitely chilly outside but I bundled up and hit it

umm... this run SUCKED

I pretty much wanted to retire after this run because it was THAT BAD!  It served me right though, since I had been sitting around prior to getting out there.  On weekends I have decided this needs to be my strategy – wake up and go.  Otherwise, I can start talking myself out of it or wait until the last possible second, neither of which are helpful.  But thankfully, these helped a bit yesterday


My laces are from Fit Approach and they sent them to me for freeeeee :)  I adore them!  I was really hesitant to break out my new shoes, which I picked up at a wicked deal from  But lately when I have been running my back has been hurting and I felt it could be the shoes.  Sure enough, yesterday and today my back felt much better.  Today I was hoping I would have a better run.  Since we had a decent snowfall the last few days I was looking forward to trying my new snow trax my parents got me for Christmas

the snowflake blanket was a fluke :)

Alright, I need to get my brain checked.  Umm, running in snow is HARD!  Holy cow, I had completely forgotten but a few steps onto the trail I was reminded.  This was my second weekend hitting the same trail and once again, it proved to whoop my ass!  Trail – 2  Amy – 0  This is not a good stat.  The snow trax were helpful but there was definitely a rhythm I had to get into in order to keep them on correctly.

another crappy run in the books

Today I was supposed to hit 5 miles.  Yes, the operative words here are “supposed to”.  I got in 3 miles and half way in I heard this phone ringing.  Because I am brilliant, I thought it was a bird that just sounded like a phone.  I know, MENSA is calling me right now!  I had forgotten I was on duty for work and that my cell phone was with me.  I was called to a work emergency so I wasn’t able to finish the run.  It probably wasn’t a huge loss considering I was failing miserably.  But I am determined to make those 2 miles up this week.

Now, I am about to show you a picture that I probably shouldn’t.  I love to wear knee-highs!  During the winter they are great to help keep me warm and they offer a bit of compression too.  And they make me feel like a bad ass :)  So, I was taking a picture to model them for you and this is the horrendous pic that I produced

HA! chicken legs!!

Great scott – check out my chicken legs!  I promise you, my legs DO NOT look like this, haha!  Nor are my feet this big and wide.  It was the angle but it made me laugh so hard and hopefully it makes you laugh too.  Holy cow, the more I look at this picture the worse it gets!  But what can I say?  Your happiness is more important than my dignity :)

edited: Alright, as I was getting the links for this post, I found one on snow trax and low and behold, I had them on upside down.  No wonder they kind of slipped off – I didn’t need to change my stride just change my brain!

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