back at it – blogging & running

Wow – it’s been a week since I last posted!  I didn’t plan on taking a blog-vacation but it turned out that way with Spring Break hitting right as I got back from my trip.  I currently have enough annual leave saved up to take a month and half off.  I attempted/joked that I would take the entire month and a half off NOW but this idea was vetoed :)  I did take this whole week off and most likely will take off every Friday for the next two months.  Doesn’t that sound fantastic?

I left off with talking about my business trip to Oshkosh, WI.  My goal for the trip was to a) work out everyday  b) NOT overeat at the restaurants and c) make smart snacking decisions while working.  Hmmm… let’s see.  I completely failed on each and every one of these!  It was kind of pathetic actually.  So, I’ll tell you a little bitty story

Let me set the tone… I was getting picked up at 7 am.  I WOKE UP at 6:59 am.  SERIOUSLY!  I booked it and made it out there in 7 mins – a new record for me.  I managed to brush my teeth but that was about it!  This was kind of the way the whole trip went, which wasn’t bad but added some adventure.  That first night for dinner we went to a great Italian restaurant.  This was my first course

look at that! even a lil' cherry! :)

then I had my first cannoli!

ummm... yep, will definitely have one of these again!

We had to be up pretty early everyday and worked until late each night.  So, my hopes of working out every morning didn’t pan out… I chose sleep instead.  And to socialize in the evenings.  Truth be told, I made the right choices.  I had a really great time on my trip and laughed a lot and hard!  Another by-product was I feel reinvigorated about my job.  Since we were conducting interviews for people who wanted my job their enthusiasm was infectious!  It made me really focus on the positive things and not to get bogged down in some of the harder aspects of my work.  This was really nice.  Oh and my supervisors also packed some snacks

I had my first little debbie oatmeal creme pie cookie. My world didn't change...

Then there were these snacks

unfortunately, I couldn't stay away from the starbursts - damn them!

I did try and make some good decisions.  However, on the ride home those all went down the drain.  We stopped here

I have never had White Castle.  I have seen the movies, of course, and I have heard people RAVE about it.  I decided to give it a try

these were... odd...

At this point, I was stuffed.  And I ordered the kid’s meal!  I liked the fries (of course I have never met a fry I didn’t like) but the burgers… well… I just can’t figure out how I feel about them.  It wouldn’t be my first choice.  Then we drove a little further and discovered the “Exit of Dreams”.  There was another White Castle there (not my dream but my car-mate’s) and a Baskin ‘n Robbins.  Yes, this falls under my dream!

peanut butter 'n chocolate - the greatest ice cream ever - but only the kind from 31 Flavors

Luckily, this was Sunday night and I was wearing stretchy pants.  I managed to waddle into my apt but the next day I felt bloated and unhealthy.  Since it was the first day of my vacation, I was able to channel all of my willpower towards running.  I hit the treadmill and banged out a little over 4 miles.  It didn’t feel great but I was happy I did it.

Tuesday, I still felt crappy and I ran another 4 miles on the treadmill.  These were a bit more painful than those first four!  It was also a lot harder.  I was pretty worried and blue because I felt like I had lost all of my fitness and with my races quickly approaching I felt like a major loser.

Thankfully, yesterday was another story.  I decided to quit being a wimp and take on the wind (the last few days have been windy and I didn’t want to run outside).  I left my garmin at home so I would run based on feel and not get discouraged when I wasn’t running as fast as I wanted to be.  After the initial, “ugh, my body doesn’t want to do this,” I started to feel better.  I know my pace was not the fastest but I kept it fairly consistent and kept going.  I did a little over 4 miles again and only had to stop once to walk up part of “fitness hill”.  I was so excited when I finished!  It was like my legs were saying, “why haven’t you let us out sooner?!”  I couldn’t believe it.  This is one of the best things about running, you really can see improvement quickly.

While I realize I didn’t undo any damage I did while on my business trip, I am not as down/hard on myself as I was earlier in the week.  I weighed myself yesterday and I decided I am not going to weigh myself again for two weeks.  I feel strongly about this.  I want to give myself a chance to let better eating, quality sleep and working out start to work before I wig out about how I look/feel.  For about five years, I weighed myself daily and it would definitely dictate an aspect of how I felt that day.  I gave up this habit earlier in the fall and know it was the right choice.  However, let me explain a little further about where I am at right now:

During one of the dinners out, I was trying a few of the appetizers that others had ordered.  One of my coworkers said the following: “wow Amy, I am really impressed with your appetite!”

what my “girl brain” (or just MY brain) heard:  “wow Amy, you are such a fat-ass!  I can’t believe how much you are eating – I mean seriously, don’t you ever stop?!”

This is my own issue of course.  My coworker wasn’t trying to make me self-conscious and was, indeed, trying to give me a compliment.  I hate that my brain twists things like this around (and there are oh so many examples of my wacky girl brain stuff!)  It is so frustrating!  I have been going through a bunch of my clothes trying to get rid of some and I found a bunch that I don’t feel comfortable wearing because I feel self-conscious.  I am working on letting this go.  My body has changed a lot in last year and a half (oh age is a fickle thing!) but I want to be more grateful and less critical of what I see in the mirror everyday.  Running helps this – I think I still have a runner’s high from yesterday :)

One thought on “back at it – blogging & running

  1. I always get the chicken sandwiches at white castle. I hate the burgers. :)

    good for you about taking a weighing hiatus and instead focusing on being healthy and feeling good. that’s ultimately what matters for you and for your overall health!!! keep up the good work!

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