letting go – it’s a process!

Well, my plan for a tempo run and then a joyous caramel iced mocha was cast by the wayside this morning.  Part of me wasn’t really feeling a run since I was a bit fatigued from yesterday but mostly it was because I started some spring cleaning.  This had been my plan all along for this week off but true to form I waited until the last minute to actually do it!  Here is some evidence

this is pile number 2!

I am kind of proud of myself for this haul.  I definitely have an unfortunate habit of keeping stuff.  I used to tease my mom that she had hoarding tendencies and she got slightly offended.  The thing is, so do I.  I know part of the issue – I attribute positive memories with my stuff

these? I've had them since 2003

The above shoes were the tennis shoes I wore when I went on Semester at Sea and sailed around the world.  Why did I save them?  Because they reminded me of my trip, of course!  Nevermind the fact, I have neato souvenirs and boatloads of pictures, the shoes are the truly important, right?  (insert sarcasm)

my first real running shoes!

Yep, the shoes that made me a “real” runner… of course I had to keep these, I mean no brainer!  Because don’t shoes make you an athlete?  Not the HOURS spent running, nope, not those!

the red bag from the cult

Yes, you read that right.  I swear, I almost joined a cult last year!  It was kind of an accident.  Luckily a friend held me back from completely going off the deep end and joining the financial crazies that coined themselves as a motivational speakers.  So why keep the bag?  Who knows!  Sometimes, I can’t even understand myself!

Ugh!  After I decided I wanted to buy less stuff and save more money for experiences, I realized I wanted to get rid of some of the stuff I already had.  I could be moving in a few months and I want to make sure I’m not moving crap from one place to another.  Not to mention, I need to STOP associating good memories with things.  To a certain extent, I know this is natural but I don’t need everything to take on special meaning.  I mean, seriously Amy, old shoes?!  How can I put old shoes at the same level as pictures of my family or things my mom made me?  I want to simplify and prioritize!  So, I have a giant pile to donate and a smaller pile to try to sell at one of the local consignment shops – YaY!  Since I ended up going through the pile of clothes I thought I wanted to keep twice I found more I could live without.  My goal is when I end up going through it again as I pack, I can get rid of more.  I also put some shoes in a different closet because as of right now, I can’t part with them.  But if I still haven’t touched them in a few months then they will find a new home, too.

Truth be told, at first it was kind of hard to add clothes/shoes to the donate pile.  Thankfully, there was a marathon of Hoarding: Buried Alive showing today on TLC and that gave me an extra oomph! in my motivation!  Also, the more I donated, the easier it became.

Next weekend I am going to tackle the spare room, a.k.a. “Simon’s Room”.  It’s a disaster!

One thought on “letting go – it’s a process!

  1. Way to clean out the clutter! It can be a hard thing to do, but boy it feels good once it is done. Wahooo

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