draggin’ & race planning

Today has been an odd day.  I really hate “springing backward”.  I do love the longer days so I have more time to run without worrying what’s going to jump out and get me but it definitely messes with my internal clock.  First and foremost, I like sleep.  A lot.  My first night home from the hospital as a baby, I slept through the night.  My mom thought I had died and made my dad get up and check.  Nope, just snoozin’ away.  It has never changed.  I also seem to be fairly sensitive to time changes, jet lag – all that business.  I’ll be dragging all this week but getting through today was/is the worst.  My friend said it best when he dubbed it, “a time change hangover”.  Yep.

I'm draggin' today...

But my one super exciting activity today?  Well, aside from getting everyone in the basement when the tornado sirens went off?  I added this pic to my facebook and plan on printing it out for motivation!

I am SO EXCITED for this marathon!  Okay, so I still need to win a lottery spot.  And yeah, that is going to be incredibly tough and take a HUGE amount of luck (oh, I’m screwed) but my friend and I have been wanting to do this and are definitely making plans.  If you win a spot then you get a “plus 1” and we both have chosen each other to be our dates as we get chocolate and jewels from hottie firemen.  I am also completely loving the logo.  If I get in, I may never stop talking about it – just a warning!

Also, I talked to my dad the other day and I am so proud of him!  He is now up to walking 4 miles a day!  That doesn’t even include the afternoon walks he takes with his sweet pup, Maggie.  Like I said, I am really proud of him.  He has been building his mileage and he also has a bum knee so it hasn’t been easy.  Dad said he is feeling better all around and I don’t think he has missed a day.

my dad and a giant rooster - nope, not really sure what's going on but it makes me laugh anyway :)

My dad has never seen me run a race so while I visit this summer I am going to run a 1/2 marathon.  I looked around and wouldn’t you know it?  I found this little gem, the See Jane Run 1/2 right there in Seattle, WA!  It’s perfect timing and I am really excited to have my dad cheering along the sidelines.  My plan is to con some of my other family members to make the trek over and of course, make a few signs!  Did I fail to mention there will be chocolate and champagne at the end?  My kind of race!

I really need to create a race calendar.  I keep finding races I want to do and think to myself, “of course I can add that one – I’m in!”  But in reality these lil’ beauties are going to start getting pricey so I had better start to figure out which ones are really important.  Not going to lie, I also have a dream of running the Disney World Marathon.  Oh, great, I just looked it up and next year is the 20th anniversary.  Now I want to do it even more!  By the way, have you seen the medals?  All Disney medals are really cute!  Yeah… I am going to need to sell an organ in order to pay for all of this!

And the last bit of business in this random post is this

s'mores flavor - my fave!

A few races ago, I got a sample of this Luna bar and decided to try it.  I am definitely hooked!  I have never tried any other flavor so I am biased but if any of you have suggestions, let me know!  The stats for one bar aren’t terrible – 180 calories and 9 grams of protein.  I am sure some other bars are better but I think some taste nasty so I’ll stick with this one for a while.  I have devoured one right before a run on a few occasions and they definitely help satisfy me until I can eat afterward.

That’s all I got for tonight!




2 thoughts on “draggin’ & race planning

  1. My friend is doing the Disney Marathon– also her dream run.. but she is a little nervous! (She’s worried about the heat..I think it’s in Sept?) xo

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