panic and pain

You know that completely sinking/giddy feeling that sets in when you realize you are completely screwed?  For me, it builds up in my stomach and I start to do this weird nervous laugh thing and then it is immediately followed by wanting to vomit.  I know, attractive image…

trust me, this is a gift compared to what I could have posted!

As I mentioned, the Kal-haven relay is in TWO WEEKS.  I’m sorry to go all caps on ya, but this is serious.  When I talked about it before, it was with the understanding we had at least 4 ppl on the team.  I was nervous about busting out 8 miles at a relatively fast pace but knew it was doable.  Today I found out we currently only have 3 ppl on the team since someone dropped.  Umm… that is 11 miles per runner.  Panic.  I have started calling around to see if someone wants to join our team because while I am sure I could do it, it wouldn’t be fast and it wouldn’t be pretty.  Not to mention, it violates the whole ‘only bump up 10% per week’ rule.  Of course, I don’t always adhere to this rule but I am trying to be kind of smart about my training/fitness.  It also is completely defeating to have to walk in a race.  I’ve only had to do it once  but it broke my spirit for sure!

this race is causing me some anxiety! at least it's for a good cause!

Luckily the weather has totally cooperated with me today and gave me this lovely running weather

My run tonight was great.  I shaved some minutes off of my time compared to Saturday – 5.12 miles in 54 mins.  I still had to walk up part of that damn hill but it’s getting better and my time for my first mile was the same as my time for my fifth – 10:04.  When I got back someone asked me how my run was and I answered, “I just wanna be fast”.  They looked at me strangely and walked away.  So, I couldn’t really muster a clear thought but the sentiment is true!  I want to be faster and I pushed it tonight for the last mile and a half.  It felt good but I am exhausted now.  I laid on the floor when I got home and wasn’t quite sure I could get back up again.  Faster days are coming – I can feel it!

my faster days - will be back to that sooner rather than later!

I also have been having some back pain… It’s been going on for at least a month now.  I think I have narrowed it down to the following possibilities: 1) sitting on my ass too much (depressing but possible)  2) my couch is getting a bit old and certainly this is related to #1  3) my new running form – does anyone know about this?  4) my abs are not strong enough to help support my new running form (again, depressing)  5) my terrible posture in my office work chair  or 6) my bed is getting old or needs to be flipped – ever tried to flip a queen size mattress on your own?  My recent attempts have been futile.  Any thoughts?  I literally feel like an old woman.  Tonight while running, my back hurt more than any other part of my body.  Maybe I need to stretch better?  I could really use some advice!!

Time for some food :)

4 thoughts on “panic and pain

  1. Stretch, stretch, stretch!!! I don’t know much about running forms so I’d do some research about that to see. And do some an workouts too if you think that might be the culprit. But don’t be depressed about that!! You’ve been training to run! You’ve put all your energy into that – of course your other muscles haven’t caught up yet. Totally makes sense – don’t get down on yourself. And – definitely don’t panic about the races coming up. That won’t help you to enjoy them and get the full benefit. Do your best (even if that includes walking a bit) and have fun! You’re getting out there and being healthy and doing what you love – what could be better?!

  2. AMY! You are a GREAT runner!!! You’ve been coming back from time away— it’s gonna take some time. If you have to walk a bit on the Kal-Haven, so be it! There’s a LOT of research that says the 10:1 method (run 10 min, walk 1 min, repeat) is a GREAT way to run– annnnd, that you end up finishing JUST as fast as if you had run the whole thing.

    And, yes– STRETCH! (Not that I do that… bad Meagan!). And definitely try to flip that mattress. That might help too! And, ice/heat it. Always helps. AND– REST DAYS! You do NOT wanna get re-injured so if your body’s telling you to chill it– chill it a bit. You’re doing great!

    • Oh I forgot – sometimes you can’t flip mattresses – they make them now where they’re not flip-able…so check on that.

  3. You might check with Mike Michutka, he is trying to get back into running so he might be a race partner option :)

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