happy day

Oh my gosh!  I can’t believe I made it through today!  Once upon a two or three weeks ago, I was going to spend each Thursday on “things that make me happy”.  Today I had to dig deep to remind myself of things I am grateful for simply because it felt like Thursday was against me from the beginning.  So here we are


1.  Go GONZAGA!  As my alma mater, I do LOVE me some Zags!  I always wanted to go to Gonzaga – since kindergarten in fact!  I spent a number of years there earning both my undergrad degrees and my masters.  I seriously didn’t want to leave.  So, when they are on tv, playing their hearts out, I cheer loud and clear!  The one problem?  I think I bring them bad luck!  When I watch them they always seem to lose :(  haha, yes, I am bonkers but it feels that way!  Final score – Gonzaga-77, West Virginia-54

this is how I felt today

2.  I had a horrible run today.  In fact, after running the first mile, I wasn’t able to keep on going and ended up mostly walking the last 1.70.  Boo.  So why is this on my “makes me happy” list?  As I was lacing up my sneaks I was thinking about how much I.Did.Not.Want.To.Run.  But I got out there anyway.  I totally worked my ‘willpower muscle’!  As much  as I wanted those 5 miles I didn’t get them… however, actually getting out there is a win.

solid friend time last night

3.  My friend and I went out for dinner and a drink last night – just melts the stress away!  We had a great time and talked about how silly men can be, running, our jobs – whatever came up at the time.  We have been friends for a long time so it was a fun night.

this is next weekend!

4.  I am really happy I signed up for this race.  The last I left you all, I was having a panic attack about the mileage.  Things have changed in the last 24 hours!  We now have a team of at least 4 and possibly 5 or 6.  The men who were part of our team could no longer do it so now it’s just us ladies!  I do feel as though this has taken some of the pressure off and my anxiety has turned into excitement.  I haven’t stepped up to a starting line since before Christmas and I am looking forward to it.  Also, I have never run a relay and think this will be very fun.

knee-highs and cowboy boots make the world go 'round

5.  So, that might be over-stating the power of knee-highs a tad BUT I do love them!  Yesterday, I was rockin’ some knee-highs and my boots.  Some folks questioned my style choice and I explained it DID look good :)  It also reminds of the fantastic knee-highs I bought for St. Patrick’s day!  Yay!  More on the Saturday shenanigans tomorrow but they should be entertaining to say the least.

hold on!

6.  All day long I have been singing the Wilson Phillips song “Hold on” – just one more day until my weekend!  I have tomorrow off and even though today was a cluster I knew if I made it through then I would be set for the weekend.  This became my lil’ anthem today.  Nothing like an anthem to get you through a few meetings, some minor emergencies, waking up late and then working late.  Thanks Wilson Phillips

Well, that’s my list for this Thursday.  Tomorrow I am going to attempt to knock out my long run since I am not quite sure what this weekend will bring.  I have 8 miles listed and I am convinced they will go better than my miles today.    Happy March Madness!

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