i survived…

Yesterday, I started the day out like a champ

doesn't everyone dbl fist it at 10:15 am?

On Friday night, I caught up with a good friend who lives far, far away until the wee hours of the night.  When my alarm sounded at 8:30 am and I knew I would be drinking in an hour and a half I almost turned over and went back to sleep.  It did not sound appetizing.  But I didn’t want to bail on my first really social St. Pat’s so I geared up and hit the restaurant with friends.  I also had my first green beer!

not great but finished it anyway

I drank this along side an Irish coffee, which I mistakenly thought would be coffee with Irish creme in it.  Coffee with Bailey’s sounded AWESOME!  Coffee and whiskey were a bit harsher than I was ready for but again, I’m a champ and went with it.

I am so glad I went out yesterday!  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – Michiganders LOVE any reason to throw a party and they really do St. Patrick proud!  There was green everywhere and people really get into the festivities.  I don’t remember it being this big of a deal back in WA but maybe my memories are skewed.  Oh yes, and I rocked my knee-highs! :)

this would be the only "blueberry pancake" that I like

I made some new friends, got a couple of free drinks and laughed my hiney off!  There was no stress, the sun was shining and I just had a great time.  The only sadness?

love my Zags for-e-ver!

My beloved Zags did not move on in the tourney!  Boo!  Ohio State did beat them – not by much and I will admit for a few minutes there I was despondent.  Then I rallied to enjoy the rest of the day.  Not to mention, the Lady Zags are still in it!

Today I am resting up from my fantastic weekend.  It was the kick-off of the next few weeks of awesome weekends in a row.  Next weekend is the Kal-haven trail run – just got an e-mail about this and can’t wait!  Then I’m helping to throw a baby shower for my dear friends Kara and Aaron (since you guys are getting a blog shout-out that means you are naming the baby after me right?!) and after this it will be April.  Holy cannoli – where has the time gone?!  I am super grateful summer will be here soon and am prepping myself for all kinds of impending changes and good times.  A few summers ago, I decided I was going to have “the best summer ever”.  This meant trying new things, having adventures and literally only sitting still for 5 minutes at a time.  I have decided this will be “best summer ever… again.”  Okay, so the title needs work but you get where I am going with this!  And to end this post on an additional high note

slightly obsessed with bagels at the moment

Yum!  You know what this means? Running hunger has set in!

***Any ideas about what I should do for “best summer ever… again”???

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