speed work is painful

So speed work.  Hmmm… HOLY CANNOLI!

I decided I wanted to do speed work so I could work on my whole “go long and fast” thing.  Even though I read a bunch of running blogs, I didn’t really get the lingo.  Like what really is 4 x 800?  With rests?  So, I caught up with my running friend Adam and asked him to fill me in on what I was missing.

Turns out I just didn’t get the math of the whole thing and really didn’t understand the length of the track.  Silly?  Probably but in retrospect, how would I know this?  I have never had any type of running coach and before reading blogs, I would just go out and run – pure and simple.

yep, this is what it looked like

So, yesterday I was set to do some speed work.  I have read that Yasso 800’s are a good indicator of what my marathon time could be so if I want to run a certain marathon time, I should try to run my splits in this time frame.  Ok, got it.  I would say, right now, I am hoping for my first marathon time to be a 4:15 or 4:20.  I think this is fairly doable since my current PR for a 1/2 marathon is 2:04.  Not to mention, I get faster the longer the distance I run – yes, I am totally built for distance NOT sprinting!

I swear - this weather is FREAKING me out!

I got to the track around 7 pm because the MI weather has been like early summer not early spring.  For instance, today is 86*.  I kid you not.  I ran a mile at about 10:30 pace to get me movin’ and then set out – fast.  I got to my desired time but could only keep it up for one time around.  LAME!  Since I hate reading owner’s manuals I just took my current pace of my garmin and started doing some math (I know, super accurate and scientific).  I did 3 x 400’s and they were definitely speedy-ish, at least for me right now in my training.  As I was writing this, I decided to read about Yasso 800’s to make sure I was doing them correctly and that my math was on target.  (Don’t worry – I do realize I was only running half the distance!)  Umm, I wasn’t and it isn’t!  Read the above article and you will realize how much work I need to actually do!

Essentially, my 400’s need to be faster, since I want my 800’s to be at 4:15.  Not to mention, I actually need to be able to run the whole distance fast!  For some reason, I figured each time around could be 4:15 but nope, that would be incorrect.  And who knows, maybe my times were actually closer than I realize but all of the numbers are getting mixed up in my head.  So, a few things I am sure of

1.  I will do track/speed work outs each week

2.  I WILL be able to do Yasso 800’s in the very near future

3.  I need to buy a dorky lil’ stopwatch because clearly math is hard (anyone remember this doll?!)

haha, dumb idea for a doll!

I can feel it today for sure and last night I was a sweaty mess.  I ran a little over 4 miles total and each time I finished doing a speedy 400, I realized I was running the recovery faster than normal (as of late) without as much effort.  This is definitely a WIN!  It also means, again, mind games.  They are a beast ppl!  I can’t believe how much my head tells me I can’t do something and my body just blindly goes along with it!  Seriously body – put up a fight!

Tonight will be some recovery mileage.  I am thinking 4 miles sounds like a nice number and maybe I’ll push it a bit.  Again, I’m totally whiny about how hot it is, even though everyone else is rejoicing.  It is pretty typical for me to ONLY concentrate on how the weather is going to effect how my run goes.  Selfish?  Absolutely!

BUT even more importantly than everything above… HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!  This is my blog shout out to my amazing dad!  I wrote a few posts ago about how proud of him I am.  He had been walking every morning and is up to almost 5 miles!  Before he started walking, he was taking two pain pills a day for his knee.  Now?  He has maybe taken 7 or 8 in the last month!

so true!

He also has some shoulder issues (when you work in a paper mill, your body goes through A LOT!) and he was taking these other pills.  But dad felt these were making him kind of dizzy.  My mom had been taking them too and we both wonder if this is what made her fall.  Dad was determined to quit taking these and has started lifting weights 4 times a week.  He was able to take the last pill last week!!  Again, I am so proud of him!

me and dad on the subway in NY

Happy Birthday Dad!  Love you so much!

6 thoughts on “speed work is painful

  1. Hi Amy,
    I gather this is your first marathon? I hope it goes well for you. Remember, the second half will be slower than the first half, so don’t get too worried if that happens. I’ve run many marathons. A 4:20 is a reasonable goal, given your half time. Hydrate and use the gels. Practice with everything you’ll consume in the race. If they’re giving out GU, make sure you eat some GU during your long runs.

    Have fun. And one lap arond the track is 400 meters, or a quarter mile. =) Yasso eights kick tail. That’s one hard work out, Yeah. Invest in an inexpensive stopwatch. Timex makes several watches with a stop watch feature. I find the wrist watches easier to use when I run than the hand held ones.

    Good luck on your first!

  2. I recommend hill work as a substitute for speed work sometimes, totaly rocks without the speed thing getting it the way…

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