happy things

Things I am happy about Thursday!  I really like doing these posts since I am trying harder and harder to focus on the positive things.  Not to mention, it’s fun to look at what makes me happy!


1.  Starburst jelly beans and a snickerdoodle cookie – these jelly beans are freakin’ awesome!  If you haven’t had them, you really should run out to the nearest store and get some.  I mean seriously, starburst flavor jelly beans?!  They do have a grape and “green” flavor (not sure what it is) which are not my favorite but the rest bring a smile to my face.  Snickerdoodles are my dad’s favorite so they always remind me of him :)  Plus, this one was super chewy/soft.  I chose wisely.

2.  9:55 min mile – last night I went for what was supposed to be an easy 4 miles.  I started out and had to try and slow myself down since I knew I would burn out after a mile.  For some reason, my pacing has been all over the place lately.  After a mile, I walked for a little bit and then I gave myself a firm pep talk because in all reality I was just being lazy.  My LAST mile clocked in at 9:55!  What the heck?!  Mind games AGAIN!  I’ve been having a crisis of confidence, which I will talk more about tomorrow.  But I am pretty darn happy about clocking a mile at this time.

birthday present from Emily!

3.  This perfect bottle opener – I love this sucker!  Haha, I got this from Emily for my birthday and I think it definitely deserves a blog shout out for it’s awesomeness :)

4.  New running gear! – okay, I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I get for new running clothes.  However, I really don’t need to be buying new stuff.  I mean, I have A LOT of gear.  Nevertheless, I am on a constant look out for shorts that I like.  I have some tempos and I like them but sometimes I feel they ride up a bit.  I hate it when shorts ride up!  I bought a new pair of Oiselle’s and I have my fingers crossed these will be great.

this just screams "athlete" to me!

5.  Nuun – I am working on hydration.  Since it jumped from a mild winter to the heat of the sun here, I have realized how badly I need to concentrate on drinking water.  But this isn’t always enough and I need to bring something along with me WHILE running.  Yesterday I brought something and I am fairly sure this was why I didn’t melt into a pool of mushy goo!

6.  The above video! – This song is incredible and this snippet of what Ragnar could/will be like gives me the chills!

YaY! for happy things!

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