ants in my pants

For some reason, I have been super antsy all week… I have tried to shake it with a nap and then later just sitting on my hiney and guess what?  Neither of these worked!  I know, shocker.  So, I have a lovely tempo run scheduled for tomorrow, which will probably completely kick my trash.  Oh yeah, and “kick my trash” is my new favorite phrase.  I have no idea why.

remember this game? we never had the dog part - just the pants!

BUT I have the kal-haven run recap!  I know, you have probably been at the edge of your seat ever since this weekend!  Emily posted some pics so I am ready to fill you in!

The race started at 9 am and we had four people on our team.  Let’s just say our confidence was sub-par as we all tried to convince each other we may not go very fast but we would try our best.

this is the start of the kal-haven race and no, we are not trying to advertise Gatorade

It was a great morning for running – cool and overcast.  The race is 33.5 miles long and there were ultra runners, teams of two and then the rest of the teams that had up to 6 people.  There was a cap on the number of teams, which turned out to be a good thing since the trail isn’t very wide and we all had to drive to the next point.

waiting in the car since it was chilly

As I mentioned, we were all pretty nervous.  The thing I realized about doing a relay was I didn’t want to disappoint my teammates.  I was leg #5 which meant I didn’t have to run for a really long time.  This worried me – would I freeze up?  Would I have any adrenaline when it came to be my turn?  Oh yeah, and there was the whole confidence issue plaguing me.  Needless to say, the hours waiting to run were a bit stomach-churning.

in the car, right before my leg... thankfully, emily gave me a pep talk, so you know, I actually ran!

I was super nervous at this point so clearly I didn’t need to worry about the adrenaline issue.  At the same time, I felt like I had fueled pretty well and my running clothes were comfy (although they didn’t photograph well – boo!)

high-five to start!

Oh man!  It was my turn to run!

off I go!!

I kicked it off and fell into a comfortable pace.  I had taken half of a GU right before I took off and I just told myself to enjoy the run.  Because teams were all over the place, the trail wasn’t crowded and there were runners every so often.  I decided I would keep running comfortably but try to push it a bit when I saw someone ahead of me.  Oh yes, and there was the garmin failure!  I had put it on and it beeped that the battery was low – boo!  I kinda freaked but then decided I would just use it as a watch and try to estimate distance/pace.  This probably was the best thing I could have done.  If I had actually seen my pace while running I probably would have slowed myself down thinking I needed to reserve energy.

I knew I was running at a good pace and I just kept chalking off people as I ran.  Then my team met me part way through to cheer me on!  This was a HUGE boost for me!  Part of the trail borders a farm and when I got to the barn where they were pumping out the gasses from the cows, I wanted to vomit.  I was practically dry-heaving – VERY unpleasant!

Since I didn’t know how far I had gone, I didn’t want to risk slowing down but I did start to feel it.  But I looked at my watch and kept telling myself two things: 1) You can do anything for 20 more minutes and 2)  You ARE a runner!  Probably about halfway through I finished off the GU and then hit the water station.  I felt really good and strong.

coming in for the runner exchange - I was hauling ass!

To say I was happy to see the end in sight is an understatement.  I started pushing really hard at the end because I heard a guy coming up behind me and there was NO WAY I was going to let him pass me.  I looked at my watch – umm, how could I be finishing so quickly?!  I really wanted to just FINISH!  One hour and four minutes!!  This was a 9:50 pace!  Oh yeah, I might have mentioned this already!

Needless to say, I was riding on cloud 9 at this point but we still had one more runner.  We got to the end and cheered for our final teammate.  I am so proud of our team!  Today we found out we placed 2nd!!  I can’t believe it!  We did it in 5 hours and 15 minutes and we did each leg really strong.

we made it! From Kalamazoo to South Haven!

I had never met two of my teammates but we all bonded.  I love how running does this!  The race was pretty decent.  There were a good number of water stations along the route, which was nice since we all forgot water.  There were also GU’s but we weren’t allowed to eat them, which we all agreed was kind of odd. The only thing that could have been better were the driving directions to each exchange point.  Most of the links to mapquest for driving directions didn’t work and I couldn’t punch it in myself because there weren’t any street names.  I would say this was my biggest frustration since I was worried we would miss each other.  Not to mention, getting lost is a pain in the hiney.  But we made it without too much of a struggle.  The weird part?  I would ask other runners where to go to next and tons of them said, “oh, I don’t know…”  What?  Haha, how could all of us be so clueless?!

It was a great race and I am so happy I didn’t bail because of nerves/fear.  Here is my post-race happy face

oh? you saw this already too? my bad!




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