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Mondays have become super busy days for me.  I seem to be constantly running from one place to another, and considering I LOATHE Mondays I tend to end up in a crabby mood.  However, the last few Mondays have been pretty good.  Busy, but good.

First yoga… yesterday the instructor said, “we are going to do strength building today”.  Okay, two weeks ago, she did NOT refer to the session as “strength building” and I almost had to call in back up to help me move my arms the next day!  I considered jumping up and running out!  But class was even smaller than usual and I decided to suck it up.  My instincts were correct though – OUCH!  It was an amazing class!  During the last part where we are relaxing/meditating the instructor came around and made some adjustments.  I don’t know if this is what it’s called but I really like it when she does this.  I know it may sound weird but I feel like she is sharing some of her energy with me and it makes me feel better.  Maybe there is something maternal about it too but it’s honestly one of my favorite parts.

The final aspect that seals the deal for my Monday nights is hanging out with a new group of friends.  They make me laugh so hard and I find it just as stress-relieving as yoga!  It also helps set me up for a much better week!

Guess what yesterday was?!

The lottery started for the NWM!  I am so excited and totally keeping my fingers crossed!  I REALLY want to do this marathon – it will be my first one and I think it would be a blast.  Yes, the firemen and “frosting” make it fairly appealing as well :)  I even wrote to Nike to see if they were looking for a first time marathoner to write about training in a blog for them.  And guess what?!  I was denied, haha.  Oh well, I will still chronicle what is going to be a THRILLING adventure I’m sure, right here!

I also think I’ve decided to join a gym.  There is one here that has really cheap monthly rates, is open 24/7, has a pool and I can pay month by month if I want to.  I have a 25k in one month and I would like to feel more prepared than I currently do.  Obviously, running will help but I would like to be a little more fit overall.  I would never have considered paying for a personal trainer before but since my motivation is up and down these days I am thinking it might be a wise decision.  I decided tomorrow is the day and I am going to join!  I feel intimidated.  I know, it’s dumb but I do.  The coolest thing about this gym?  From the outside it looks like a one room place but then there is all of this inside so I think of it as a “bat cave” of sorts – my own personal superhero training facility!

Okay, now are you ready for some really disturbing news?  I think I might be allergic to eggs – NOOOOOOOOO!


On Saturday I was talking with my sister about how I wasn’t feeling good.  She asked what I ate and I explained an egg sandwich (this is one of my favorite meals) and she explained how for the last year and a half she has had to be really careful about eating eggs because they really upset her stomach.  They are fine in baked goods or whatever and sometimes if they are more fully cooked then I don’t feel as terrible (and neither does she).  But here is the deal, I eat eggs EVERY SINGLE DAY!    This whole time I thought I felt bad afterward because I was nervous or something!  So, I need to do a few experiments to test the allergy.  I do think my days of over easy eggs are over (a small tear or two!) but maybe hard scrambled won’t be as bad?  Orrrrr, maybe I just switch up to oatmeal…  I think the one of the worst parts for me is I really believe eggs helped me lose the weight in the first place!  Ah well…

4 thoughts on “bits and pieces

  1. try switching to organic, cage free eggs. it might not be the eggs, but all the crap they put into them! they are worth paying more for :)

  2. I wanted to stop by and say hello – I’m so excited to be a Sweat Pink ambassador with you! I’m actually running my first marathon a week from Saturday – so I hope you get to do yours! I have a running and reading training program that I’m starting at so if you are interested, I’d love to have you involved!

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